Amy Winehouse's hair gets even CRAZIER today!

  1. When I saw that Amy dyed the front of her hair blonde, I was alright with it. It's not necessarily what I would do, but...

    I couldn't help but post this pic though, check out the gigantic black clips on her head AND the headband. ?!?!?!?! :wtf:

    I'm confused... is this for real?

    Amy Winehouse.jpg
  2. idk but that pic just cracked me up!shes so zany..too bad she couldnt just be that minus the drugs
  3. Is pulling her hair back to show off the huge sucker mark on her neck? yikes!
  4. Nice hickey.
  5. I can't stand that woman.
  6. What is she thinking?
  7. lol, she's one crazy nut :p .... if she wasn't so deeply troubled, I'd absolutely adore her :yes: .... her album is constantly playing on my iPod

    btw, is that her real hair or is she using some kind of cushion or extensions?!?! I'm always wondering when she's sporting that beehive look.
  8. she's crazy :p!
  9. she really is crazy. I saw her on Perez Hilton's show and she was so crazy you could barely understand her. Too many drugs...
  10. I like her. mmm...There are hair rollers under the clips... I think she is trying to curl the bangs?
  11. Yikes..
  12. whoa.
  13. She's quite the looker
  14. I just love her her music so I am always amazed at what she is doing with herself! lol
  15. love her music - not her look.