Amy Winehouse Weds In Miami

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    Fri May 18,
    MIAMI BEACH, Fla. - Singer Amy Winehouse was married Friday in a private ceremony here, according to magazine reports.
    The 23-year-old "Rehab" singer married Blake Fielder-Civil. The couple, engaged since April 23, were married in front of a few friends in an unannounced ceremony, Spin Magazine reported.
    Winehouse was in Miami for a magazine photo shoot, according to Us Magazine.
    The English singer sells herself as a carousing bad girl. Her album "Back to Black" is No. 14 on the Billboard top albums chart.
    A telephone call placed by The Associated Press to Winehouse's representatives in London was not answered.;_ylt=Au9saEMQrq7uxk6Oc8FRJBYH1vAI
  2. OK, I got to find out more about this chick! She seems to be in the news a lot and I have NO IDEA who she is.:shame:

  3. Ask Selena :yes:
  4. She's a great singer. I would totally send you a copy of her CD.
  5. Well wish I were invited!
  6. i love amy...junkie and all...good for her....she really loves this guy, they seem to really love each other....hope it lasts.
  7. Thanks all! I just went on YouTube and watched a couple of her videos. Not bad at all! Very distinct sound.
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  9. Those two look so dirty and std-ridden that words fail me to describe my disgust whenever I happen to stumble upon a picture of their skinny, drug-abusing asses.
  10. well, congrats to them.
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  13. With all that money you would figure that she could get her teeth fixed... :yucky:
  14. Hopefully she will stop drinking now? Doubtfull.
  15. congrats to both of them.