Amy Winehouse Still In Trouble?

  1. Amy Winehouse was photographed out with her husband two nights in a row looking gaunt and under the influence. She is sporting a new tattoo on the inside of her arm that says, “Never clip my wings”. Do you think Amy has kicked her habit? Or is she back to her old ways?
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  2. yeah, she doesn't look very good.
  3. Shes absolutely disgusting
  4. ^^^ I agree, she's disgusting. The only and most important thing I don't like about people is when they are dirty and they don't care about themselves. And just look at her hands - all so dirty! I understand that she has a very extravagant style and image, but have boundaries. Dirt is not stylish, at least not for me.
  5. Absolutely Yuck!
  6. She dosen't look good at all...