AMY WINEHOUSE Singing - Drunk/High...or maybe even BOTH at MTV EUR Awards !

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    I love Amy but OMG I dont wish to offend but it made me laugh, apparently she insisted that she sung at the MTV Europe award show LOL
  2. Oh. My.

    I didn't understand a single word of what she was saying. WHO LET THIS GIRL UP ON STAGE IN THAT CONDITION?!? Girl needs help big-time.
  3. Oh my.
  4. ugh. what a waste of talent.
  5. Great lyrics ;)
  6. Nice. At least her backup singers looked good and could sing on key. LOL.
  7. OMG...

    And I did not think anything could be worst than Brit's performance, this is pretty close!!!!

    I could not understand anything she said!

    The backup dancers were HOT though!
  8. LMAO, I love her but this was pretty funny....just the fact I think she was convinced she understood what she was saying-the pitches all seemed to be in tune!LOL!
  9. Too bad 'cuz that girl can sing!
  10. :lol::lol::lol:

    I know, she was basically scatting! (the nonsense syllables used by jazz singers to imitate instruments, i.e. "shoobee shoobee doowop")

    ITA about her backup singers, who were HOT and musically tight!
  11. You know what sucks? When in this day it seems that backup dancers are kicking way more a$$ than the, uh, performing artist!? Huh...
  12. What a hot ass mess she is.
  13. She's disgusting.
  14. I wish she would pull herself together because she is incredibly talented.
  15. Who-oaah. :wtf: