Amy Winehouse Rushed To Hospital

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    Amy Winehouse was taken to hospital suffering from "severe exhaustion" - forcing her to pull out of yet another concert.

    The troubled singer, who has missed several appearances in recent months, was seen by doctors for a number of hours before being discharged.
    A performance at a music festival in Oslo last night was cancelled at the last minute.
    A spokesman for Island Records said: "Amy Winehouse was admitted to University College London Hospital this morning suffering from severe exhaustion.
    "She was discharged this afternoon and has been advised to take complete rest.

    Scheduled performances this week have been cancelled."
    Whether she will take the doctors' advice remains to be seen.
    After previous no-shows due to "exhaustion" she has been spotted drinking with friends in her local pub.
    This is the latest in a string of cancellations by the 23-year-old singer.
    In the past few weeks she has pulled out of the T in the Park festival in Scotland - also citing "exhaustion" - and Liverpool's Summer Pops event.
    When she has bothered to turn up, her performances have often been under par, with fans complaining of her swaying, forgetting lyrics and slurring her words. Despite her recent unreliability, Miss Winehouse received three nominations at this week's MTV Video Music Awards

    The singer, who won Song of the Year for her hit Rehab, has been acclaimed as one of the most talented singers of her generation.
    But she has also earned herself a reputation as a hard-drinking party girl.
    Last month, she left thousands of fans bitterly disappointed when she embarked on a drinking session in her local pub in North London just hours after cancelling a gig in Liverpool due to "exhaustion".
    She then missed a series of appearances over the next fortnight, but instead of resting was seen in pubs and nightclubs.
    Organisers of the Oslo festival said they were told of the latest cancellation only a few hours before she was due to perform.

    A message on their website said: "The news of the cancellation came abruptly and surprisingly upon us a little before one o'clock this afternoon.
    "Winehouse's crew arrived, and her backing band had just finished their sound check when we were notified."
    The singer was replaced on the bill at short notice by little-known Norwegian band Minor Majority.
    Her absence will be a worry for fans who have bought tickets for the singer's 11-date UK tour in November.
    In a recent interview, she put her habit of cancelling gigs down to being a perfectionist. "I know it's last-minute and a bit irresponsible, but I'm a perfectionist and would rather reschedule a show than do it half-heartedly she said.

    Photo of Amy shortly before her collapse

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  2. ohh lord shes a WRECK
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  4. She does not look 23, she looks way older!! I would be pissed if I had bought tickets and then she decided to cancel at the last minute.
  5. I'm surprised she is only 23. . . . so unfortunate.
  6. Yikes! I too was shocked that she's only 23!! Lotta hard livin' there already shows.
  7. 23?!? :wtf: She does not look a day under 30. If she doesn't watch out she's going to ruin whatever career she has left. It's such a shame.. she's an awesome singer. I love her music.
  8. Ew.
  9. She was so hot before.. the dramatic weightloss HAS to be taxing on her !
  10. She's hard to look at.
  11. what a shame...such a wonderful a body that's wasting away....
  12. 23?! I didn't know that. I thought she was older. She is such a talent though. I really like her music. I hope she gets it together b/c she could be a real powerhouse.

    Go Amy! I'm pulling for ya!
  13. Oh my gosh only 2 years older than me? I thought she was at least 36!!
    Anyway I can see why, she has been getting much thinner in the last few weeks. I don't like her but I hope she's ok.
  14. "severe exhaustion" I knew the wig as heavy, but this is a bit much!!:roflmfao: Such a waste. She has the world by the balls, and she messes up.
  15. I love her. She is a tortured soul. A true artistic talent, but just so messed up. Her re-use of the "wall of sound" make her songs so amazing. She is a tragedy waiting to happen.