Amy Winehouse: No Pre-nup? That’s A Big no-no For Amy’s Parents

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  1. [​IMG]
    Princess and the pauper: Amy and her new husband

    When she fled to Miami to marry, Amy Winehouse's parents were rightly miffed to have been left out of their daughter's big day. But there is another reason Mr and Mrs Winehouse are seething about Amy's hastily arranged nuptials to penniless 25-year-old music video assistant Blake Fielder-Civil.

    Amy's father is concerned that she has not protected herself financially," a friend of the singer said at the relaunch of Mauritian resort Le Touessrok.

    "Clearly the wedding was Amy's idea of rock 'n' roll. Needless to say there was no pre-nup."
    Amy's parents have reportedly convinced the 23-year-old millionaire star to have a ceremony in the UK.

    Perhaps they can squeeze in a pre-nup then

    KATIE NICHOLL : TV & Showbiz
  2. Pretty risky on her part. She needs to think of what happened to britney and k-fed. They had a prenup and he still tried to milk her for more.
  3. Agreed. :yes:
  4. o god i wonder though if he would sign one now even though they are already married>?
  5. Hmm, very rock and roll indeed!
  6. I love AW, I think she is amazing! Eugh to her bf, and such a stupid thing to do!!
  7. :nogood:
  8. I just love her!!! She was probly just drunk and forgot. LOL
    Selena and I are going to see her in Sept. (she may cancel for being drunk) Amy, not Selena. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  9. Cant wait Jamie!!!!!!! No No No!!!!!!
  10. Another trainwreck. I just want to wash her face and hair whenever I see her. Her voice reminds me back in the day when they were singing "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot".
  11. Her voice is def a deep husky accented smokers for no prenup - if she's that stupid, then she get's what she plans for!!!!
  12. I love her !
  13. Wow. That man is wearing a cardigan and no shirt. Just wow. To say thats the tip of the skanki-ness iceberg for him is saying alot.

    There is only one way to do that look:
    I had to.

    Anyway, I digress. lol. Poor Amy. She needs to get over her problems, and naturally ditching this loser will follow. I like her, I'd love to see her get rid of him....
  14. she reminds me so much of Janice from FRIENDS
  15. ^ ohh that is so true!! hahahaha. her laugh was hilarious.