Amy Winehouse & Kelly Osborne

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  1. [​IMG]

    Singers Kelly Osbourne (left) and Amy Winehouse let their hairdown at the first day of the Coachella Music Festival held at the Empire Polo Field, Indio, California
  2. Here is a picture of Amy Winehouse before her drastic weight reduction.
  3. ^^^OMG!She looks so different...I like her a lot!
  4. Woah! That before & after pic of her weight loss is crazy! She had such a pretty face before. :sad:
  5. I'm sorry but is this Amy Weinhouse a woman/girl--as in born that way? or what?

    I don't know who she is---so I'm not trying to be funny..I really can not tell.
  6. Amy's make-up drives me crazy!!! ...and yeah she looked better before.
  7. She admitted to being a "little bit anorexic" and "a little bit bulimic". Also, she would exercise like crazy and walk the 20 miles home from the gym.
  8. I LOVE amy winehouse so much! Yeh, she is a little bit eccentric, but tht is what makes her so intriguing!! She is not as thin now, as that before/after pic shows, I saw her live a couple of months ago, absolutely awesome!!
  9. Wow those 2 pics almost look like 2 totally different girls. I like that she lost some weight but I definitely like the way she used to do her make-up before the weightloss. In the picture of her skinner she kinda looks like a drag queen.
  10. I heart her! That before and after is SHOCKING, I want her to be healthy, hope she continues to put the weight back on, oh and gets sober.

    Is she still a wild child? Or is that just bad press / hype?
  11. I intensely dislike her "Rehab" song. I think it sends a bad message, especially coming from a woman who allegedly suffers from eating disorders as well as multiple substance addictions. Plus I think she is gross to look at.

  12. As far as I know she is female and was born that way. She does however, wear her hair and makeup like a drag queen so I can understand your confusion!
  13. man, she was so much prettier when she was heavier - it's so messed up when society says that a girl at that weight is fat!

    i've heard a lot of good things about her music, but it seems like she's in the tradition of a lot of our bests artists - completely f'ed up.
  14. Walk 20 miles????:nuts: that's insane.
  15. Wow ! Amy looked so fit and healthy before the dramatic weight loss.