Amy Winehouse Is Now A blonde. What Do You Think ?

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  1. It would look great with green/blue makeup around her eyes, I like it
  2. I love her t-shirt!!!!

    and i think dark hair looked better, but this style is nicer than the messy beehive...
    (I know it was het "thing" but still...)
  3. Makes her look older, but I think she can get away with the look.
  4. I'm sorry - shes scares me.
    But I Love her music
  5. LOL.

    Yes anything is better than that horrid beehive
  6. not sure, need to see better pics.
  7. I think the style is definently better than that beehave, but I do think she looks better with dark hair, and it fits her music more? lol.
  8. I think it looks terrible! I like the dark hair but I definitely think the dark hair needs a new hairstyle and not that beehive. I think the blonde looks too "yellow".
  9. She's so scary!!!
  10. You gotta love the Winehouse, the cut's great, but the colour drains her and hope she's not gonna go down the black re-growth route.
  11. I think it makes her look ill. ....or ill errrrr.:s
  12. I'd like to see her dark hair styled this way. I've never seen it any way besides a beehive until now and it's hard to tell if I like the new 'do, because the color looks bad on her IMO. IDK, so far I think I prefer her old style :shrugs:
  13. She can change her hair, but not her face...
  14. Who knows whether this is her way of trying to cut that man right out of her hair! I hope that she gets it together this year and gets some good people around her, ditch the dealer and get back to looking like the fab 50's style icon she did a few years ago with curves!