Amy Winehouse Doing Coke on Stage???

  1. I wouldnt put it past her. She's such a mess. I never was a fan even before all the negative publicity.
  2. Why did she keep her hands behind her head for so do you set up a line on your sleeve like that?!

    I don't is kind of sketchy but it would take some talent to pull that off!!
  3. key bumps!
  4. I think she must had had the coke in like a little vile type thing... and put it up her nose and sniffed... Not that hard to pull off I'm sure...

    it looks like she pulled the thing out of her sleeve then stuck it back up there...
  5. :wtf::wtf:

  6. hmmm I guess so, I am just trying to give her the benefit of the
  7. Notice how she had her hands behind her beehive for so long... she probably keeps it stashed in there!!

    This is girl is beyond stupid... she is reckless.
  8. Absolutely pathetic.
  9. sure did look like it!
  10. Yeah, i wouldn't doubt this either. Who know what else she stashes up there!
  11. She is a hot mess... I have never understood her popularity. I don't like her music at all. But, that's just me!
  12. what a sick example shes setting for her fans shes disgusting
  13. Nice!!
  14. Classy.

    It doen't always have to be set up in a line. She could have put the . . . substance between her index finger and thumb. Then she "wiped her nose."