Amy Winehouse Cuts Herself In Interview

  1. Just read this on Marie Claire site:

    The disturbed singer has taken things one step too far during a recent interview with a US music magazine by cutting herself with a shard of broken mirror in front of the magazine journalist and photographer.

    Winehouse was speaking to Spin magazine when she started to carve the words 'I love Blake' into her stomach as her new husband Blake Fielder-Civil looked on.

    It was clear she felt no need to disguise her alarming behaviour when she declared: 'I'm not in this to be a ****ing role model.'

    The incident happened moments after the singer posed for a shoot for the magazine. The diva also made repeat visits to the loo during the interview and was afterwards seen checking her nose with the same shard of broken mirror.

    The interview which appears in the July edition of the magazine reveals the disturbing world of the singer who claims: 'I don't care about any of this and I don't care about myself.' She added: 'I write songs because I'm f***ed in the head and need to get something good out of something bad.'
  2. Still love her. Shes a hot mess.
  3. OMG I think its time that she got some professional help. This can only escalate.
  4. I LOVE her music, but she is a bit weird.
  5. lol I think we have the next Marilyn Manson here, with cutting herself in interviews and such antics.
  6. Who is Amy Winehouse?
  7. cheap ploy for attention
  8. Oh soooo shocking, soooooooo edgy.


    she's a waste of space.

    It's a shame someone like her is getting so much attention when there are good artists out there struggling to make it who aren't cracked out fools like her.
  9. ^^ Lol
  10. The "misery chick" has been done already. It's a shame she can't be more expressive or original.
  11. She should use the mirror to examine the hole where her teeth used to be. Girlfriend needs a toothbrush and a nice, hot bath.

    No offense, but why do people think she's so talented? She's merely making music that has already been done -- 40 years ago.

  12. :lol:

    I love her music because her voice is so "raw" and soulful. Kinda like Billie Holiday which is saying ALOT. Also her there is no sugar coating in her lyrics she keeps it real. I swear when I play her music ,especially the sad love songs, I feel it in my bones, if that makes any sense.
  13. I love her music... :-]]
  14. I just hope she stays alive until the concert Sunshine and I are seeing her in, sept! LOL She is not going to be around long with her out of control lifestyle!
  15. She is just one big hella mess and I love her. She does need a shower, and perhaps some dental attention but I still adore her. Her music is great. Cant take that from her. There are plenty of other musicians that are more *ucked up than her. PLENTY. I really hope we are able to have a drink or two while enjoying her in Sept!!!! I cant wait to see how dirty her hair is by then! lol