Amy Winehouse: ARRESTED!

  1. British singer Amy Winehouse has been arrested, according to UK’s Holy Moly.
    The 24-year-old “Rehab” singer was arrested while on tour in Bergen, Norway. Amy is said to have been arrested for drug possession, domestic violence or BOTH.
    Ms. Winehouse is due to play tomorrow night at Peer Gynt in Bergen. That show’s not looking so good right now!
  2. Too bad she wasn't in LA, she would have gotten off like all the bad girls who get busted and are out in a few hours.............
  3. WOW...I am not surprised though, she needs to really go to rehab and take it seriously
  4. Crack is Wack:tdown:
  5. Definitely not surprised. I wish she would get it together.
  6. It's about time! Along with drugs and abusive behavior, wasn't she caught stealing? She needs to come back to earth and face the consequences of her actions.

    She is so talented and unique, I truly hope she finally gets the help she needs!
  7. I'm not surprised at all... unfortunately.
  8. poor girl, she needs help
  9. :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:she is just breaking my heart!!! I wish she would sort herself out. I just love her music. So frustrating! AND sad.
  10. ^^ I know how you feel Sunshine. I love her music sooo much... such a shame.
  11. Now they might make her wash her hair. :hysteric:

    But seriously, these girls need to get a grip. They are ruining it for so many of their young audience followers!
  12. Wow this is shocking, um not really, she is such trash. No offense intended to any fans, but is she ever NOT high or beating the sh#t out of her man?? She is beyond rehab....
  13. :nogood:
  14. I like her and love her music, but seriously what's next ?
  15. Not surprised either, this was a long time coming. She needs to get her act together and clean up. no more drugs amy!