Amy Winehouse ARRESTED!! Go FIGURE!!

  1. She needs to be locked away in a rehab facility.
  2. She was arrested becuase of Blake...she is home now...I love that girl dearly and wish her wellness sooooooo very much.
  3. That's my girl. :tup:
  4. :lol:GO AMY!!!!!!:nuts:
  5. I am undecided on this girl.....I don't know if I love her or hate her?! One thing for sure is that she is a wreck.
  6. hope they throw away the key...
  7. She's disgusting.
  8. She may disgust some...but listen to her music for 5 minutes and your soul will sing...she is so damn talented...I love her.
  9. I love her music....her personal life is another thing all together. :s
  10. ITA and right now I am leaning towards the don't like her side...
  11. gee - big surprise
  12. Absolutely 100% agree Sunshine! I wish her just a little bit of peace.
  13. I think it's the highest time to close her somewhere (probably better in a rehab than in a jail), she's such a trainwreck.
  14. :tup: