Amy Winehouse and Husband enter Rehab

  1. Amy Winehouse's drug problems have reached breaking point, forcing the singer and her husband, Blake Field, to head to the US for rehabilitation, reports say.
    After a recent row between the couple's families over their heroin and cocaine addiction, Winehouse and Field flew to the US on Saturday for intensive counselling and detox treatment.
    UK newspaper The Mirror quoted a source close to the family, who said Amy, 23, was in tears after seeing her parents and in-laws fight.
    [​IMG]Her father Mitch grabbed Blake's stepfather Giles by the throat and "threatened to rip his head off".
    "That was the point she realised all the drugs and drinking were causing huge problems for everybody," the source said.
    The jazz diva's problems came to the world's attention last week when she collapsed following a three-day binge with her husband.
    She was taken to hospital after taking a cocktail of heroin, ecstasy, cocaine, ketamine and booze.
    After Winehouse and Blake, 25, checked into a suite at the Four Seasons Hotel, they were caught smoking heroin on Friday night by best friend Juliette Ashby.
    The source said the couple admitted to taking cocaine and heroin, but they denied injecting heroin.
    "At one point, both Amy and Blake stripped off in front of Georgette (Blake's mother) to prove they had not been using needles."
    "But now they realise that if they don't get help now, they will both die young," the source said.
    The couple have spent three nights at the clinic where they are sharing a bedroom.
  2. Good!
  3. And she`s alive :wtf:
  4. I hope they get the help they need. This is a step in the right direction.
  5. Now when is her dependency on her weirdo husband going to be treated?

    Sorry ... I had to say that.

  6. Ohhhh the irony! Glad she is getting help.
  7. Well glad she's getting help! Hope it works...they BOTH need to be committed to this to make it work!
  8. Glad to hear this!
  9. Exactly! How?
  10. wow
  11. Wishing Amy and her hubby good luck with this.
  12. I'm glad she's getting help, but who is she? I keep hearing her name everywhere, and she isn't very pretty, so who is she?
  13. She is a singer and I think her look is pretty cool.
  14. uh yeah before something bad happens..
  15. wow, good luck to them!