Amy Winehouse (14 September 1983 – 23 July 2011)

  1. [​IMG]

  2. it took a lot of courage to click on this thread. well i can safely conclude that this horse face's hair only enhances the fact that she looks like an ant eater. however, I see her choice in clothes have improved about 2 points
  3. Its the dirty/bloody ballerina pumps that freak me out! :wtf:
  4. :blink:GGA!
  5. Kelly looks like she's thinking to herself 'errm do you live her?!'
  6. Her face looks like a 40 year-old hooker's. And those dirty shoes... no comment.
  7. Eeeeeek!
  8. damn - she ugly.
  9. She has got to be the most hideous person I have ever laid eyes on.
  10. ew her hair is a rats nest. That last pic looks like she's rolling...hard.
  11. I actually feel sorry for her! I met her when i was in london last year or the year before and she was lovely!

    But seeing what shes becoming is so sad!

    But on another note, what the hell is she doing wearing a Le Coq Sportif tracksuit?

    Arent they like £3 ($6) in JJB!? Eugh!
  12. :hrmm:
  13. she looks so terrible

  14. ITA. YIKES, is this apparent to everyone BUT her?? I saw the first pic and my mind was completely confused. I seriously thought I was looking at pics from "The Golden Girls Reunion- The Crack Years"
  15. Well she has the right fruit for her personality.