Amy Whinehouse could use some help...


    Amy's party-girl lifestyle takes horrific toll on her body

    Last updated at 15:35pm on 25th July 2007 [​IMG] Comments (5)
    A hard-partying lifestyle might be Amy Winehouse's trademark, but years of excess are leaving her body in a wreck.

    The singer, who has just has announced an 11-date UK tour starting in mid November, looked typically gaunt during an outing in London recently, with her barely there outfit revealing a boney frame and aged, saggy skin.


    Despite growing concern for the troubled star, her increasingly chaotic behaviour shows no sign of abeiting.

    Last week disgruntled fans walk out of her concert at the Eden Project in protest after she appeared to spit at the crowd.



    Reports also said Winehouse was in tears while on stage, hitting herself on the head with a microphone in frustration when she forgot the words to her songs.

    It was the first time she had performed after a string of cancelled gigs, but it left disappointed fans joining the growing chorus of people urging the singer to get help.



    Amy, who has previously admitted to self-harming, was seen with scratches on her chest

    The star was more subdued during her latest outing.

    As the 24-year-old walked back to her north London home she found herself subject to a bout of taunting, courtesy of a group of local teenagers.

    An onlooker said: "Amy was minding her own business on her way home when the youths started having a go at her. They looked quite scary, but she just put her head down and kept walking."


    Shorts shift: the star again wore her favoured look of skimpy shorts and a vest


    News look: Amy buying a paper and a sickly green ice lolly in her local newsagent’s
    The usually outspoken star resisted the jibes and managed to bite her tounge.
    Still, the defiant peformer has often said she has no plans to reform her usually wild behaviour, saying recently: "I'm not in this to be a role model."

    Despite her private dramas, the accolades for her music continue to role in: Back to Black, her second album, was recently shortlisted for the Mercury prize.
  2. Too bad because I really like her music... =T
  3. She is only 24 :wtf:.
  4. Oh and my bad for the typo. Didn't mean to put in a H in her last name.

    Yepp, she's 24 and not a healthy looking one.
  5. She freaks me out a little bit but I love her music.
  6. I am sure those pictures with saggy skin are photoshopped, she's 24, she CAN NOT have skin like that even if she weights 50Lbs.
  7. dang 24?!!

    i can't stand that rehab song so annoying!!
  8. I think the saggy skin pics are photo shopped too, the last few pics her skin doesn't look like it.

    She is getting quite think though...
  9. You know I wouldn't be surprised it those pics are actually of her skin. She drinks and smokes heavily which is very bad for the skin. It sucks all the moisture up!
  10. Thats what Drugs do to you, she needs to find something else better to do with herself:throwup:
  11. She looks like a crackhead.
  12. No way!? How is that even possible? :wtf: OMG. She must've been doing a lot of drugs?
  13. I don't know if those photos have been photoshopped or not but it is possible to sag like that even if you are in your
    20's especially if there has been considerable weight loss involved because the skin can become stretched and then when the person loses the weight it sometimes does not bounce back or recover to it's original form. And other factors are dependent on this such as your genetics, your lifestyle, exercise, etc. All that can have an effect the condition of your skin.
  14. :roflmfao:

  15. Drugs wouldn't make her skin sag, but yes she is probably doing a lot of drugs.

    She lost quite a bit of weight so that is most likely why she is saggy.