amy fischer & joey buttafuco interview...

  1. So, I don't want to ruin it like I did in my other thread. Did you guys see this interview today?

    Can you believe what Amy admitted?

    I can't believe it!!! Can you?!

    But she is very pretty isn't she?
  2. what happened, what was said? ruin it!! :smile:
  3. Haha, I second that! Ruin away! I doubt I will ever catch it on my own.
  4. I third! I wanna know!
  5. I'll fourth that. Do tell please...:biggrin:
  6. I wanna hear this too!....wanted to catch this on the news today but still missed it. Please tell!
  7. SPOILER ALERT (scroll down and enlarge)

    She claims she shot Mary Jo while high on ecstasy..
  8. :amazed:
  9. Doesn't surprise me!...still to this day I can't believe Joey Buttahead got away with so much.
  10. tell us more!!!
  11. Here in NY we call him Butta *effer*.
  12. She cleaned herself up and he is still a loser. I don't get that she changed her name has some plastic surgery done and still went public. She is and will always be the Long Island Lolita to me.
  13. myself I think the wife needs to realize that Amy isnt the only nut here.. she needs to understand her hubby is a wacko.
    In any event Amy has done her time and I wish her the best. As for hubby dearest.. i see a lot more trouble coming from him towards his wife :sad:
  14. Yeah....

    elaborating on the spoiler (below)...

    Yea, she admitted that JOEY did NOT tell her (AMY) to kill his wife. Which was her story all along. He asked why she did it and she said that the story came out and that became her "defense" so she could not change her story OR it would ruin her chances of parole.

    The crazy thing is that she cannot be tried again for the same crime so she got away with her LIE.... unless someone sues her for pergury (sp?)... I don't know the law enough to say... but I am just baffled that she lied and got away with it (for now). So all these years, people really thought that Joey told her to kill his wife!

    Yes, Amy said she was on ecstacy when she went to kill Joey's wife.

    Mary Jo divorced him... he cheated on her AGAIN with another woman. So now he is married to another woman (was on Oprah).

    What do you think about Amy now? I was shocked when I heard that she made it up... and a little frustrated that she got away with it.

    Anyone else?
  15. I thought ecstacy made you love people....:graucho:

    I love these new emoticons!