Amulette necklace

What would you choose?

  • black RG

    Votes: 3 27.3%
  • green RG

    Votes: 6 54.5%
  • forget about it - not your cup

    Votes: 2 18.2%

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Feb 9, 2012
I absolutely love the look of amulette necklace, but very sadly, I am a total rose gold person... and white... and MOP does not come in RG.

Thinking about alternatives, I am torn between black and malachite version and sadly, pink is discontinued...

I am black and white (mostly white) and neutral in my colour choices for clothes, brown hair/eyes. I do not have any malachites but have a large jewellery in though green chrysoprase which I love, but since they are large pieces I am not wearing them everyday.

I want to wear this piece 24/7, but..
black seems to be quite "dull" compared to MOP and green looks quite "special".

Any advice?

Also, lucky owners of malachites version - do you have the troubles I picture with wearability? Or it goes with everything..


Gimme Gimme Gimme
Dec 2, 2008
I am also considering the malachite necklace. FWIW, last summer I picked up a Persian turquoise and diamond necklace that I wear layered with my Cartier trinity necklace (with a small diamond). I am able to wear the color all the time. It just goes, so I wouldn't worry too much about the green.


Jan 11, 2016
San Francisco, CA
I was in the Cartier boutique last week and the mother of pearl looked absolutely stunning. Honestly, the difference between the pink gold and regular gold is very slight. It sounds like white would fit better into your wardrobe versus the black. But if you're absolutely certain you don't want to give the mother of pearl option a second look, I vote for the green.


May 12, 2015
I am a PG person too and I’ve also looked at the black and green until I saw a poster here if I remember correctly, a girl mentioned that it looked like a Pokémon ball, and I have to admit that that was where I think I saw the shape somewhere before. Lol. Anyways even though I agree with it but I still think they are beautiful and unique line. If I would choose again, I would go with the black, more versatile and green is more pop, that’s because I used to have all monochrome closet but now I am back to a little more color wardrobe, I wouldn’t want to match my red jumper with the vibrate green necklace unless it’s Christmas season, that’s just my personal preference. But since you have a neutral wardrobe, I don’t think the green will be an issue. Good luck.
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Jan 9, 2019
not to go completely off track, but have you looked at the bvlgari diva’s dream pendant in rose gold & mother of pearl? i think you’d love it! i think with the amount of money we spend on jewelry we should never settle for colors we aren’t in love with. another option, if you’re going to japan anytime in the future, is to get the ginza exclusive rose gold mother of pearl magic alhambra pendant from vca!