1. I thought the Pleins were just fun places....overrun with people and just a bit crazy. Kind of reminded of Picadilly Circus area in London (not on the same scale, but that kind of vibe).

    I didn't spend as much time in the Jordaan area as I wanted to! Next time for sure....DH enjoyed Amsterdam so much, that I'm sure we'll return (he claims that it is a requirement that all vacations to Europe end in Amsterdam LOL).
  2. We had our Dior subforum meeting in Amsterdam this year and we had an absolute blast! You should definitely check out the purses museum, they have such a gorgeous throughout the centuries exposition:smile:
  3. i live just 20 minutes away, so if you have any questions in particular, ask ahead!! it's an amazing city, never a dull moment there. maybe the blue light district? LOL. bit of entertainment for you, its the red light district, only for tranny's. worth a walk through it!
  4. I'm going to Amsterdam from November 11-13. Is better to buy the I Am Amsterdam card? Or should I just buy the GVB which is 11.50 for the 48hours.
  5. i had to D R A G the hubby on this trip...and it turned out to be one of our favorites!

    1. Anne Frank House
    LOVED this...especially since i had read the diary on the plane ride over

    2. Canal Cruise: would love a dinner cruise and am looking for recs!
    we did just the cruise which was nice but if you walk around the city for those two days just trying to get to the attractions, you'll have seen most if not everything.

    5. Red Light District: safe at night without a tour guide?
    we took a tour with randy roy's redlight tours which was perfect. it was super casual but quite informative.

    we also did the country bike tour with mike's bike tour...HIGHLY recommend it.
  6. How is Amsterdam for people who are most interested in "being like locals" rather than doing anything touristy/historic? My DBF and I are thinking of going to Scotland and making a stopover in Amsterdam, but he doesn't think there will be much to do there. He doesn't like museums, historic sites, tours, or much sightseeing. Usually if we go on vacation it's more eating, shopping, and just exploring different neighbourhoods.

    Also, how many days would be "good"?
  7. I love Amsterdam. I don't know when you plan on going but if the weather is good, you can go to the Vondelpark where you can relax a little. You can also do some shopping while you're there (the nine streets, albert cuyp market, kalverstraat and of course PC Hooftstraat with all the luxury stores). That's what I do when I go to Amsterdam (I live nearby). And if that's all you plan on doing, I'd say a max. of 2 days will be enough.