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  1. I had posted this thread a while back:

    Well, DH and I have decided to go to Amsterdam for 2 days!

    I did some searches here and then just googled in general, and here are the activities I've come up with. I would LOVE some feedback/input if anyone has a particular company they would recommend or if something is a waste of time, etc.

    1. Anne Frank House
    2. Canal Cruise: would love a dinner cruise and am looking for recs!
    3. The Nine Streets: worth it?
    4. Rembrandt Museum: worth it?
    5. Red Light District: safe at night without a tour guide?
    6. Willet Holthuysen Museum: any reviews?
    7. Amsterdam Dungeon and Madame Tussauds: reviews?

    This is what I've come with so far. Is it do-able in 2 full days? Anything I'm leaving out?

    I'm open to other ideas, suggestions, recs!

    Thanks! :biggrin:
  2. maybe a "special" brownie or two at a "special" cafe? LOL j/k

    My friend went to amsterdam for a few days and loved it. Also she went to see a burlesque show and it ended up with people having sex on stage lol so just beware.
  3. I would also love to know more about Amsterdam, we have a connection flight in Amsterdam and have 7 hours to spare, i thought to take a train to Central Station and wonder where we can go in few hours.
    I heard Sex museum is a must to visit:smile:
  4. 1. An absolute must!
    2. Do the Hop-on/Hop-off one and you can hit your other sites without cabs, tram or buses. You can get on outside of the Central train station.
    3. I skipped it
    4. Yes ... it's wonderful to see in person. And go by the Rijksmuseum just down the street to see other famous artist.
    5. Safest in the evening and at night when people and police are everywhere ... scariest is walking around very early AM when it's just you and the drunks from the night before.
    6. Never heard about this one - so no advice
    7. I didn't go to this but had friends do and enjoy it

    It is all doable in two-full days. You may want to get a two-day unlimited tram pass to get around town easily (also available right outside the Central train station).

    Have a wonderful trip and safe travels!
  5. 1. Anne Frank House - yes yes yes! An absolute must! I believe you can buy tickets before hand online. I waited in line since I went with a school group and wasn't sure when we'd be done so that I could see this, and we waiting in like for about 30-45 mins once we got there at 5:30. Be prepared to cry, it's very sad to see, but amazing at the same time.
    2. Canal Cruise: would love a dinner cruise and am looking for recs! I did one through my school group and it was fun, I'd say it was worth it. I saw a lot of architecture that I would of otherwise missed. We went on a morning cruise, so I have no recs for a nighttime/dinner one, sorry!
    3. The Nine Streets: worth it? -didn't go/see it
    4. Rembrandt Museum: worth it? That's the rijksmuseum right? I'd skip it. They were undergoing massive renovations this summer and a lot of the exhibits were closed. Then again, I've seen Vermeer in DC years ago, so I wasn't disappointed. I'd go to the Van Gogh museum, which I heard was much better, instead.
    5. Red Light District: safe at night without a tour guide? - I found it to be safe enough. We went around 8 or 9 pm. All I heard was beware of pickpocketers, but I had no problems. It's exactly as how I thought it would be, and I was rather entertained by it, since it's clearly mostly foreigners who are there and are gawking lol.
    6. Willet Holthuysen Museum: any reviews? Didn't go
    7. Amsterdam Dungeon and Madame Tussauds: reviews? Also didn't go.

    I'd also skip the Sex Museum, it was really boring, and was mostly nude photos or mannequins in either sexually posed positions or just placed to look provocative. It wasn't expensive, about 4 euro, but it was a waste of time and money IMO. I went to the Heineken experience while I was there also, which was ok. The people that drank beer really enjoyed it, but I'm not much of a huge drinker to begin with, and I found it to be rather boring. I think the best part about Amsterdam was the canals, architecture and the Anne Frank Museum to be honest, and I think 2 days is enough time to see everything that you want to. Have fun! :smile:
  6. Never been to Amsterdam, so I just pop in to read the recommendations! My friend lived for 5 years with her dh in Amsterdam, she had her kids there and she loved it. They have a really nice quality of life and lots of art.
    I wish you have a great time!
  7. The nine streets are nice for shopping (a lot of little boutiques) , eating and to generally get a feel for the city.
  8. we did a 9 hour layover in amsterdam and was able to visit the redlamp district at night during that time... it was during gay pride and the streets were busy with party people, but it seemed safe overall to me. be aware that the cafes all close at 1am, and some clubs close the latest at 4am. there were lots of food stands open in the RL district during the wee hours as well.... our flight took out early am and we missed out on pancakes, which i hear are an absolute must while visiting.
  9. 1. Anne Frank House - worth it, but prepare to cry. Also - I'd seriously advise buying advance tickets. The lines can stretch a couple of blocks, and if you have the advance tickets for a specific time, you don't have to wait.

    2. Canal Cruise: I haven't done a dinner cruise, but can recommend any of the canal cruises (just the tour). They can be a little cheesy with the recorded information, but they're fun, cheap, and you get some great views of the city.

    3. The Nine Streets: I love the Nine Streets (Negen Straatjes)! They're full of small shops and cafes and great places to lunch. I'd also recommend (since you're on tPF), a trip down the PC Hooftstraat near the Museumplein, even if it's just to look in the windows.

    4. Rembrandt Museum: The Rembrandt House is nice, and it's usually not too crowded. They don't have any of his paintings there, but you get to go through his house and they have a great gallery with some of his etchings and usually some interesting exhibitions.

    5. Red Light District: safe at night without a tour guide? I would stick to the main streets (not the alleyways) and use common sense - there are a lot of tourists, which means there are a lot of pickpockets (this actually applies to the whole city). Otherwise, you should be ok.

    6. Willet Holthuysen Museum: any reviews? Haven't been there! I'll have to check it out.

    7. Amsterdam Dungeon and Madame Tussauds: Haven't been there either, though I want to go! DEFINITELY do the advance ticket thing here, too, or go early in the morning.

    Most of the time, when I take visitors to Amsterdam, they end up wanting to walk around more than they want to see attractions. Plan some time just to wander and see what catches your eye - it's a gorgeous, unique city.
  10. Since thithi mentioned pancakces, I thought I'd suggest The Pancake Bakery at Prinsengracht 191. It's just a couple blocks up from the Anne Frank House. I always take visitors there. They have 75+ different sweet & savory pancake options.
  11. Thanks guys!

    I should have mentioned that DH and I were in Amsterdam for about 3 hours last December :lol:

    We managed to go to the Heineken experience and LV of course :graucho:

    Since we only saw the city for a few hours, we figured we would go back for a couple of days this year and see/do more.

    I'm definitely adding that pancake place!

    Keep the suggestions coming!
  12. Just came back....

    I would recommend the following:

    Anne Frank

    Van Gogh Museum

    canal cruise, but check out St. Nicklaas Boat Club. They leave from BOOM Chicago and it's 10 euros and it is MUCH better. More authentic and you can go more places than the big canal boats. You have to sign up in advance.

    Red Light - fine at night, but just be aware of surroundings

    Rembrandtplein, Leidseplein....great places to grab a bite and people watch

    Church in the Attic - interesting museum and a great way to see a canal house up close!

    Oude Kerk & Niewe Kerk - I liked the Oude Kerk more though (Old Church)

    The dungeon and Tussaud thing? You can do that in any tourist city in the world. IMHO, there are much more authentic things to see.

    I also went to the Rijksmuseum, but it was just OK. Nothing spectacular, but if you are a Rembrandt fan they have quite a lot.

    Skip the Palace, that was a waste of money.

    Hmmm....I"ll try to think of more. We were there 5 days, but I spent several days outside the city.
  13. I went here, the pancakes were awesome, and they actually had ice for your drinks, something that was a bit of a rarity for us while we were studying in Europe this summer lol. They're actual pancakes, not crepes like some thought that they were going to be. They had a bit of a wait/long long around midday, so I'd try to go there around 11 or so if you can.
  14. ugh.... another reason to go back! i will forever regret not getting pancakes this last time around.
  15. I would do the folowing.

    1. Anne Frank House
    2. Canal Cruise: would love a dinner cruise and am looking for recs!
    3. The Nine Streets:
    4. Rembrandt Museum:
    5. Red Light District:

    I think people tend to go to the same places all the time that are not even nice. Leidseplein and rembrandtplein are not special at all if you ask me. I think the nine streets and the Jordaan (where i live and the anne frank house is) are the nicest and most authentic parts of the city. Almost next to the Anne Franks house is the Wester Church that is still used as a church. Amsterdam is really a walking city and you see the nicest things in these parts of the city by foot. The food is really nice here. I love BRIX at the Wolverstraat (9 streets area), de eetkamer van de jordaan (real Amsterdam food at the Westerstraat at the Jordaan district and there are many more nice restaurants at the Westerstraat. There are also two markets there; westermarkt and noordermarkt. On early monday morning there is a big market selling vintage clothing, shoes and fruit. On saturday there is the food market. At winkel 43 they sell the best apple pie of the city (also westerstraat)

    I really like the old south part of the city aswell with our park (the vondel park) This park is located next to our famous luxury shopping street the P.C. Hooftstraat. You can have a nice indonesian meal for a good price at Samo Sebo. A little further south there is the Cornelis schuytstraat with upscale boutiques and nice cafes. Close to the Heineken museum is our most famous market; the Albert cuyp market they sell all keinds of goods and it is really worth a visit.

    I would also advise the tropics museum and Artis the zoo that are in the city center.

    I do think 2 days i quite short for all the above because after all you still want to enjoy it.