1. Hello Ladies & Gents!

    Can someone please list a few moderate but nice hotels in Amsterdam. Also, any recommendations on restaurants and various coffee houses would be helpful too. Want to stay away from the" tourist traps." Hoping to travel the month of May. Many, many thanks in advance!!
  2. Lol - Coffee houses? You do know that they don't sell coffee in there right? *whispers "Route 66" is I've heard - lol.
  3. Thanks for the "tip" :yes: . Do you know of any good restaurants?
  4. Anyone?? HEELLLOOOOOO!
  5. Sorry Chickee, I live in The Hague which is about an hour's drive from Amsterdam so really only go up on day trips so can't help with Accommodation or Restaurants. The "Supper Club" is supposed to be amazing (restaurant) - we're hoping to go there soon.

    PHH took my FATHER into Route 66! Needless to say, 1 hour later a crap-load of fries were eaten (rather quickly) *Mmmmmmmm.....giggle....I'm hungry....HUNGRY.....giggle....I can't feel my ears....giggle.....Man, I can hear myself blinking.....giggle.....HUNGRY!!!!* That's about all I got out of them.
  6. I went years ago and can't remember where I stayed but I went to a diamond museum and Ann Frank's house which was good
  7. Amsterdam Coffee House story - an explanation of an earlier comment---

    While visiting Amsterdam, I visited a coffee house / internet cafe so I could send emails.

    I spent an hour doing this to friends and business colleagues. Thank goodness I sent the business emails first.

    When I finished, I found I could not stand up. My legs were very wobbly. The guy next to me had been smoking pot for an hour. I was high as a kite.

    Luckily I knew the way to my hotel a few blocks away.
  8. As with Prof not, you don't even need to smoke in the coffeeshop, you'll get high just being there and breathing in the second hand smoke.
    I stayed Bastian hotel at the middleplaid, I suggest you stay in the central hub part because the outlying hotels are a bit*h waiting for the tram.
    I love the Bice Restaurant its two blocks away from the central square and has wonderful Italian food.
  9. Good shopping at the hoofstraat (the street with the nespresso boutique on it)
  10. I was there last year but we stayed in an apartment.

    As for restaurants, I highly recommend you sample a Rijsttafel (Indonesian rice table). Delicious!!! I can't remember the name of the restaurant we went to, but will try and find out.
  11. There was a really good Thai restaurant right in the red light district, I think called "the prince" or something like that.. I'll ask and report was excellent.
  12. ^^^ You're welcome! If you need any other info, I'd be happy to help. :smile: