Amp MD and K-beauty


Oct 28, 2011
Hi friends!

I'm new to this side of the forum, I'm typically a bag addict. ;) I've been exploring the beauty bar more and more and I really enjoy the topics here.

Recently (over the past year) I've been using more and more K-beauty products, but I haven't really developed a solid routine. I have however, been using the amp-md from rodan and fields for sometime now. I do like it, but am curious how/if to incorporate it's usage (as well as the retinol serum) with a routine?

Does anyone have any experience?

Thanks for any help!


Feb 16, 2008
I used the same thing! The AmpMD. Personally, I have seen really great results with the Redefine regimen from Rodan + Fields as well as the multifunctional Eye cream. The difference is noticeable to people! I work super early in the morning, and I have stopped using any foundation or concealer because I can't get myself up in the morning to put on a full face. So my mom had given me the ampMD for Christmas, and when they had a promotion on Rodan, I bought the full regimen as a pack.

What I do is every other day, after the toner part of the Redefine regimen, I do the AMP roller. After that, I put on the night cream from the regimen. I love it!