Amour scarves out yet in US?

  1. Has anyone heard when the Amour scarves (with the 3-D hearts) will be in stores? It's almost Valentine's Day!
  2. boca raton florida has one
  3. I am so frustrated about this. I think there has been some kind of screw up in their distribution of V-day items, because the Union Square store still has no valentine's scarves of any kind, and no pampilles key rings. And apparently no idea when they are supposed to arrive. This stuff was supposed to launch on 2/1, and it seems like everyone in the US is having trouble finding a lot of this stuff.
  4. yup, i agree, still don't have my flat pouch......:sweatdrop: :rolleyes:
  5. Yep, Valley fair is having the same problem. Very few of the valentines day stuff and no scarves yet!
  6. No scarves here either...I'm almost kind of reconsidering it because of the price. I am in LOVE with it but don't really know now if I want to pay nearly $600 for it. I got an adorable heart scarf from Nordstrom today which looks a little the same for only $48...I just think of the other things I can get for nearly $600 and I'm thinking :wtf:
  7. That's what's going to end up happening to me...'the moment' is going to be gone, and I am going to decide the coach one I have from two years ago, is going to be enough....oh, well 600.00 for something else :shrugs: .
  8. YOu can ppurchase them from LVUK . I keep putting it in my cart but for nearly £300 I just cant do it
  9. I'm still waiting for my pouch so I don't know when I'll see the scraves and other valentines stuff.
  10. Ugh I know. I love it to pieces and would have no problem getting it if it were say, $250, $300 max. But nearly $600? Whyyy is it so expensive? It's just a scarf..:sad:
  11. Exactly!! I'm on the list for this scarf because I thought it was going to be like $250 or so, then I found out the real price...NO WAY. I could get a Speedy for that much.
  12. ITA with you Rebecca...that scarf is so cute and before I saw the LVoe, I seriously considered this one but when I went on the UK site and did the conversions and found out it was going to be almost $600...I just said no :rolleyes:
  13. The etoile bandeau is only $120 and much cuter, IMO :smile:

    Of course it's just as difficult to locate.
  14. Can you post a pic of your heart scarf from Nordstrom? And please tell me what you are wearing in your avatar. Is that the sweater from the NM Xmas Catalog? Or is it from Momoberry? It looks so cute.
  15. just bumping. im losing my desire for this too...