"Amouage- The most valuable perfume in the world"

  1. I just purchased some beauty products from a boutique in La Jolla and in my bag was this high quality envelope with information about a fragrance line, Amouage. Apparently, the most expensive perfume in the world. I haven't gone back to smell it yet.. However, anyone else hear of it? :confused1:

    Thanks in advance!

  2. I remember I friend came across it in Grade 11 Fashion. Guy Robert created it -- myrrh, frankincense, and Ylang Ylang, I think. It's produced in Oman
  3. I would love to now more about it.
  4. amouage is a great middle-eastern parfume.
    i think it is produces in Oman.
    the original-and strong-version is the Gold, which is a very feminine and long lasting parfume.
    Need to be tried before buying!
    For daytime (especially in summer) i wear Dia which is more light but still very special.
    They have a very nice man-line as well.
    the amouage parfumes are expensive but for me worths every penny!!!!!
  5. I got a sample some time ago. Don't like it at all, to heavy for the teenager I was back then...
  6. Clive Christian has the most expensive.
  7. Amouage perfumes are totally glorious! Especially Homage and Gold