1. Hello! Welcome to the Purse Forum!

    You've been so generous and helpful in our authenticity sticky. . . I was wondering if you'd tell about yourself?:girlsigh:

    Thanks for being so helpful!:tender:
  2. Hi Swanky, thank you for your warm welcome and kind words about me :jammin:. I am just a normal Chanel bag lover :rolleyes: I hate fake and I am a victim of cheating people selling fake bags so I want to share my experiences. I am very glad I found this forum because I see so many eBayers paying high price on fake bag and I have no way to tell them. Thank Swanky and thank to those who created this forum. :P

  3. Well a big welcome to you! I'm glad you found us!
  4. Welcome to the forum amory! I've saw you pop up in the Authenticate This thread yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to see someone else with the ability to pick out the fakes.
  5. Welcome to the forum!
  6. Welcome to this wonderful forum. I'm sorry you were a victim of a fraudulent seller :censor: but it's very nice of you to lend your expertise to weed out the good from the bad :flowers:.
  7. Thank you all of you for your warm welcome. I'm embarrassed :smile:
  8. Welcome!!
  9. Welcome. You'll love it here.
  10. We are glad that you're here.
  11. Amory.... I am so glad you are here!!! It's so great having a companion to help out!!!!
  12. Welcome! It's nice to have another expert to help us out....:angel:
  13. I hate fakes too but I stink at sniffing them out!! It's good to have someone like yourself!!!
  14. Welcome to the forum. This is a wonderful place with lots of great and very knowledgeable people. The exchange of information is awesome, really needed because the Chanel site it not very informative. You will love seeing all of the pictures of new purchases. Again, welcome and visit often.
  15. Yes, welcome to the pf. We really could use more of you:yes: I hope you visit often.