AmorePacific Hand Renewal creme

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  1. Anybody use this? My wife has been using it on her hands and the skin near her cuticles seems to be really rough and raw. She's not happy with it and would not buy it again.
  2. I haven't tried the AmorePacific handcream, but have experienced this with other body lotions/handcreams. In my case, I my skin is often aggravated by fragrance in products. AmorePacific is a stellar line, but unfortunately something in that particular product is not agreeing with her skin.
  3. My wife showed her hands to the AmorePacific SA today and she is going to ask corporate if they have heard of any problems. She offered a full refund but she is going to give it to her daughter when she goes to England.
  4. Kpassa, thanks for sharing your wife's experience. I've only heard raves about the Hand Renewal Creme and I've been meaning to give my mom the sample I got from AP but I think I may hold off now until others chime in. I hope your wife's hand heals quick!

    I must say though, very nice of AP to offer a full refund
  5. I haven't used their hand cream, but I have the Moisture Bound Vitalizing Cream for my face, and I've never had a problem with it. Certainly not anything like that. However, I've had random allergies with other products, so it's certainly possible for that sort of thing to occur.