Amore: Zucca or Stellina?

  1. I was all decided on getting a Stellina in the amore print, but the store around the corner that has them doesn't have the Stellina, but has almost every other bag. So then I was thinking of getting another Buon Viaggio, but I already have two and the black mesh with the light colored straps, just don't look right to me. So...then I was looking at the Zucca, which looks so cute. What do you think? Should I wait and be patient and get the Stellina whenever it comes in elsewhere or go for the Zucca? Or just go look at the Zucca and see what I think.
  2. If you are talking about the HappySix store, get the zucca. I don't know if she'll be getting more in that print, but I know she is always getting more. Plus, it sounds like you are a tote kind of person. I have a stellina, but I ended up prefering my totes. I decided on a zucca because it is like a classier tote. Plus, you could always return the the zucca if you can (not sure about her return policy), but I'm sure you can always sell it to someone else too.
  3. I think it would look great on both, though I think the zucca really looks great with bigger prints and I think bags like the stellina look best with smaller prints because the cut up print doesn't really matter... So if you don't already have a stellina in another print I think the amore would look great in it, but either way its a good choice.

    Personally I want either a bella or a stellina in amore :smile:
  4. Thank you both for your responses! It's the Happy Six store that I'm planning on going to. Thanks for the tip about that place! I was going to go this afternoon, but didn't quite make it. So, I think I'll go check out the Zucca and see how I feel about it. Hopefully I'll have some time tomorrow. I don't have a Stellina or a Zucca though and in my head, I'm hoping this will be the last print I absolutely fall in love with, but that's not going very well at the moment for me.
  5. I hope you find your perfect amore bag. I was told the stellina is crazy popular because the print is smaller and wouldn't be broken up so much as the other prints, but I think zucca is just as popular. It is just zucca is more expensive so I think people just go with the cheaper one. I know I've made purchases like that (I went for a foresta stellina instead of a zucca). I regretted doing that, so decided to shell out the money and do the zucca. And don't worry, she closes at 10 pm everyday, so if you are close, you can always go by after dinner (it always seemed less busy after dinner because people were busy getting their desserts).
  6. Thanks whiskers for the words of advice! I ended up getting the Zucca. I didn't really like how it looked so much on-line, but when I saw it at the store I fell in love. The man who was there before me got there second to last zucca and last caramella. They had to go fishing around in the back for another zucca for me and they found one. They're really sweet at the Happy Six store and I'm so glad you mentioned it. They had a lot of the styles of bags I've never seen before, like the diaper bag and travel bags etc. They also had some of the older prints, I think the citta rose and foresta and some inferno. Anyway, here are a couple of pictures!
    IMG_6919.JPG IMG_6916.JPG
  7. Its so cute! That almost makes me want a zucca too, but I'm telling myself NO more duplicate bags, and I have my heart set on at least getting a bella in amore...
  8. OMG the zucca is GORGEOUS!! i thought it looked ok online..but in real life eeks! i swear amore looks good on anything!
  9. I'm so glad that you made your purchase. I think it looks great! The stellina reminds me of something more for touristing around a country, but that looks more classy. Something you can dress up or down with. Great choice and I'm glad I could help. :biggrin:
  10. That zucca is gorgeous! It looks great on you! I'm so jealous right now! I want my gioco, NOW!!! :hysteric:

    Thanks for the pics!
  11. congrats on your zucca! it looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL! i cant WAIT for mine to come in!!
  12. Thank you for that picture. I can finally see how big it is on a person. I thought it was micro but it's not. I keep looking at the picture thinking about what it would look like on me, and I haven't even pre-ordered one yet. lol
  13. omg the zucca is beautiful, and it looks great on u. Congratz!
  14. congrats on your zucca! it looks great on you :biggrin: ...and do i see a foresta back there? :lol:
  15. vmasterz always foresta searching! :lol:

    Congrats on the looks great on you!! I can't wait to get mine! Where is this HappySix store??:shrugs: