Amore. When?

  1. I've seen three different dates or time frames for amore being released.

    March 25
    April 10

    Anyone have the real scoop? Is it like awhere they say it will be on the newsstand on a certain date but you can usually find it a week earlier. Or is that the date LeSportSac ships them out so it takes a few days to hit the shelves?
  2. The release date is April 10th, as far as I know~
  3. You never really know. Pulse said they are expecting their shipment w/in the first two weeks of April. Pirata ended up getting released a couple weeks earlier than everyone was saying it would. Maybe we'll get lucky and Amore will be out sometime next week.
  4. idk i was told april/may...but who knows...:biggrin:
  5. I hope it comes out soon b.c I can't wait. I just hope eveyone doesn't buy them all before I can get one!!
  6. The macy*s in Fairfield said they're getting a shipment of tokidokis in 2 weeks.. I wonder if it's the amore print. maybe I'll call and ask sometime..
  7. I hope it comes in 2 weeks im dying for it
  8. I called my local Nordstroms and ask the SA to call me when it comes in and what bag design I wanted, she said she would set one aside for me when it comes in and give me a call, try that.... forget that happening at Macys though...
  9. Tehilone's got a Bianco Dolce already, so it's been released somewhere. Check out her picture in the Toki Collections thread, page 30 or 31 I think...
  10. Yes Bianco is in stores now. The Macy's in Denver has a bunch of it. I think what we are all waiting for is amore, not bianco....
  11. Hi! Tokidoki newbie, here. I’ve been reading like crazy trying to absorb as much information as I can regarding the new Amore prints! Has anyone preordered for the Amore print at PulseStl? How long would it take to receive an Amore bag versus if you just went to the store and bought it? I live in Ohio, no local access to tokidoki at all, and PulseStl is offering free shipping for pre-orders. When I called them, the woman at PulseStl made it seem very urgent that I make a decision soon otherwise they might run out of pre-orders...:confused1:

    I’m thinking of either an Amore Gioco or Zucca (I really can’t decide), would these be readily available anywhere or is it best to preorder? :push:
  12. zucca is pretty hard to find in dept. stores....gioco is more common to find..but i highly suggest u preorder through pulsetl...i live in california n shes shipping from missouri..gets here in THREE DAYS! that's the fastest shipping i've EVER experienced! i normally get 2-3 days shipping within california...they should be getting in their shipment of amore in within the first week of order through them!
  13. I live in Wisconsin and as far as I know we don't have Toki at the Macy's near me. Although I have no idea if they will start to carry Toki? I preordered through pulse just to make sure I get one. I got the gioco. I think either one of these styles will look great! Since it doesn't have the mesh pockets. I would think about preordering w/them. I suspect it will be a hot print! Also looks like they will be carrying them and I would assume will too. So you have some options.
  14. Do you mean bianco w/adios print? I'm not sure what the solid color will be for amore or if it even has one?
  15. I dont think amore will have the solid color version, I wish there would be great :graucho: since the inside lining of amore will be pink!