amore trenino = gorgeous!

  1. so i hadn't heard tell of any amore treninos yet, but i just went on yahoo auctions japan, and well, here!


    um, i think its safe to say, I KNOW WHAT AMORE STYLE IM GETTING WHEN IM IN TOKYO!!!! :drool::wlae::tup:
  2. aw so pretty!
  3. :nuts:
    that's gorgeous! good buy!
  4. meee waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant! ugh so cute.
  5. That's the first time I've seen an amore trenino. It's cute, but I would be scare to use it.
  6. its so adorable i want to fill it up with cupcakes!!'s adorable!
  7. this is the first time I've seen an amore trenino! Do they even sell them here in the States? Anyways, I will be going to Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan this summer!!!! Maybe I can find some good tokidoki finds there... or at least bid on stuff in Yahoo!Taiwan and have it shipped to a relatives house and just pick it up then.

    I'm still on the lookout for a nice amore zucca (with the tea/tea bag and bastardino centered in the middle and front of the bag
  8. So pretty. I haven't even seen those on eBay. Very nice!
  9. That is soooo beautiful!
  10. beautiful! i posted when the print first came out that some lesportsac stores actually did carry it. one of the styles they carried at the time was a trenino.
  11. whoaa it is pretty nice ;)