Amore & Scotchguard????????????

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  1. Has anyone scotchguarded their Amore bags?? If so, how does it look??

    Is anyone going to scotchguard their Amore bags??

    I'm so :confused1: I don't know what to do with mine so I just haven't used it yet. :nuts:
  2. I haven't scotchguarded any of my bags and don't plan to. I take pretty good care of all of them. They wipe clean pretty well and if it ever does get too dingy I'm just throwing mine in the wash.
  3. I'm thinking about scotchguarding just the straps....
  4. I'm thinking I might want to scotchguard the back of my zucca where it will rub on my clothes since my adios star bag is black on the back....:shrugs: I just can't make up my mind. Maybe I'll do the straps and the back of the bag. I'm just wondering if the scotchguard dulls the colors on the bag like it dulled the black. :confused1:
  5. Here I go again...but I used Kiwi Protect All on my bags as directed. Including my new amore last week. The colors haven't changed on my bags. In fact, my caramella was in my bathroom (makeup) and water dropped on it a couple of times and the water just beaded up. The caramella i have is mostly white (the cloud part of the citta rosa print)

    I don't know about scotchgard, but the "protect all" is working so far on my bags and it hasn't changed a thing on them at all. I even SOAKED my caramella & denaro in it....and my denaro is in paradiso and I've used it everyday for the past 6 weeks and its still very clean and the same colors they were to begin that's my own testimony. I personally would be afraid to use my light colored bags without putting something on them to be stain resistant. But I have 2 kids, so I have more chances of accidents and dirt! You can buy it at walmart or target...its in the shoe section. Its the kind that is for all leather and fabrics.
  6. Thanks Annie...I know you :heart: that kiwi protect all. I should've bought that instead of the :yucky: scotchguard. :cursing:
  7. does work and has worked on my shoes and other leather purses...its only $4 a can. I've already used an entire can and had to buy a 2nd can!:wtf: Normally a can of that lasts me years....I'm obviously buying too many tokis!:nuts: Nuts should be on my sig because I think I use it for every post!
  8. Kiwi Protect All... I will try that :yes: Thanks for the recommendation!

    I suppose since you use that, you don't have any stains on your bags...but have you used anything as a stain remover before and found it effective on tokis? :p
  9. So no one has used Scotchguard on their Amore stuff? :confused1:
  10. I haven't but I've read that several people like the magic eraser. Some like the tide pen....none of mine are showing any dirt...especially the wallet! It has a lot of white/light blue on it...still looks perfect! I use it every day handling thilthy bills & coins too! But I try to be good with them ...
  11. Someone has...can you try it on a denaro and see how you like it?