Amore print-- What should I do? Need opinions fast.

  1. I have a choice to either try to preorder from Pulse and risk them not getting what I want (or it may be already presold-out), or call a store to chargesend. Unfortunately, the chargesend will be $30.22 shipping because I live in Alaska. However, the store has the placement I want on one of the bags. What would you guys do? Pay extra or wait?
  2. So if you charge send you would pay a total of 30 dollars more than what you would pay at Pulse? including pulse's shipment?
  3. I'm not sure. Pulse hasn't told me shipping yet. I think they let me know if they can get the bag I want. Probably pulse will be cheaper because they can ship USPS. Most likely the store would be like 15 dollars more expensive than Pulse (when factoring in shipping cost). But I'd get my bag in 2 days.
  4. I'm always willing to pay extra for a guaranteed good print.
  5. Yeah, I decided to chargesend. The lady was really nice and willing to describe all the bags to me. If anyone lives in LA region, check out the store HappySix. I'm not affiliated with the store in any way other than a really happy customer. I went to the store when I was doing my school interviews a while back and recently found out she can chargesend. Very cute fun store with great service. I just thought I'd share what I found. There is a website (I think), but she doesn't do online ordering anymore, so you have to call her. And if anyone goes by, tell her the girl from Alaska says hi! ;)
  6. ooh so this store sellsbags too eh? must stop by when i visit down south!
  7. Yup. She sells bags and somehow is always getting more in. Definitely check it out. I think she is near that Pinkberry dessert shop. . .:rochard:
  8. I would suggest to have someone purchase it there and send it to you in alaska! Like have that store send it to a friend in the states and have that friend send it to you. 30 dollars for shipping is alot!
  9. I thought about that, but then the cost of shipping total would probably end up being like $10 cheaper. I figure if I get it in two days, then I mind as well pay the extra $10 and not bother my bf (who is in seattle working). Everything is so expensive the moment you have to go through Canada. Last time I got something sent really cheap through USPS, it took a whole month because it got stopped in Seattle and took its merry time through Canada.
  10. omg next to pinkberry?! ok i'm so there! i was planning to make a visit to pinkberry..this works out wonderfully ^^
  11. Yeah, I think she is near Pinkberry. All I remember is that it is near there. I remember a cream puff store near there too. I'm not sure if it is in the big complex or the little one across the street. Here is the address: 2115 Sawtelle Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90025. You can call her at: 310.479.5363. She opens everyday I think until really late (I remember being there Sunday evening and she said she wasn't going to close that day until 10 pm). She is probably still open as I am writing.
  12. I live right around the corner from Happy Six! I am going to check it out tomorrow! I've been in that store a bunch of times and it is right around the corner from a Pink Berry and lots of yummy food. There's a yummy crepe place and I love Curry House across the street. Never thought to check for bags though.
  13. Yep. The owner told me that she has all the styles except stellina, canguro, and she might have one denaro left and one bambinone. But she has caramellas. She is really nice. That would be funny if us forumers ran into each other at that store one day (I'll be there in the fall for school and can't wait).
  14. are there any foresta caramellas??? its 11pm there now..cant call :sad:
  15. ahhhh I need to go there! someone on LJ said they had tokidoki but I never looked into it! I'm planning a LA trip for me and my bf :smile: I think Japan LA and Happy Six are my main destinations!