Amore Preorders with Pulse?

  1. For those of you preordering the Amore print through pulse, is Casey just going to reserve a bag for you? So you can't choose your print placement? Is she taking pre-orders because they're getting in a limited supply of the bags or what?

    I wanna see how the print looks first n choose the lil guys i I dunno if I should preorder now...

    And if you preordered what bags did u get?
  2. I placed a preorder today. She said that the styles I wanted were already taken for their first order, but they had placed another order and would know tomorrow if they will get another shipment in to fill my preorder and she'd let me know. Does that make any sense?

    I preordered the campeggio (Hope its not too huge!) and the Dolce.
  3. bubblesung - I think most people were preordering to get the 15% discount and free shipping which is strange b/c in the email it said the sale did not apply to preorders...I guess they changed their mind.:confused1: I don't know. I just preordered my amore zucca b/c I had a credit w/them for the adios star zucca and I know I want a zucca!!
  4. I preordered a zucca and a caramella sometime last week! I know I want both and a discount to go with it :nuts:
  5. ooh yah i wanted a canguro or bambinone but she said they were sold its good that there's more than one shipment...did she say anything about choosing a print placement?
  6. Yeah, I gave her a list of the characters that I wanted on it. The amore print looks pretty
    repetitive so I dont think that print placement will be much of an issue. When I ordered mine she asked me what characters I wanted so she knows how crazy we are about our print placement. :nuts:
  7. do you have to pay first for the pre order? DO you think pulse will do the 15% when it comes out again?
  8. I think they're taking the pre orders and then charging you when it comes in (which is why I'm worried that I'll get charged a second time for the zucca) I'm sure they'll eventually do the 15 % off again or at least some kind of discount but maybe not for the first shipment that they get in. Am I making any sense??:graucho:
  9. i tried to call them today, but I always forget about the time difference.
  10. dez- what were you thinking of getting? Im leaning towards either the zucca or the gioccio
  11. The toki expert at Pulse (casey) told me that she would definitely be calling me to let me know what bags she had for me and would cell me pics of it before charging & shipping. That could change if they're deluged with preorders but I'm guessing with free shipping they don't want to lose that $$ if they get a bunch of returns so they'll want to make everybody happy with their purchases? She's going to have one huge puzzle on her hands! :sweatdrop: But I truly appreciate it since I have no other way of ordering a bag with what I want on it! I think I'm going to :heart: :heart: :heart: Casey!
  12. When you guys order from Pulse what means do you do it by (call up, email, or submit it through the site)? I want to ask for a certain print when ordering. Thanks :yes:
  13. I looked at the website first, then called. (You have to call if you want to order any tokidoki bags) They set up an account for me on the internet over the phone and shipped my order and took my preorder. I'm able to track my purchase through the account they set up for me. They also emailed me when it shipped out.
  14. Thanks Annie ^_^
  15. hi, what website are you talking about??