Amore? Pirata? Gioco? BV?


Which combination of bags should I keep???

  1. Pirata Gioco & Amore BV

  2. Amore Gioco & Pirata BV

  3. Pirata Gioco & Amore Gioco

  4. Amore BV & Pirata BV

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  1. Hi Everyone! I'm new to purse forum and just wanted to try posting to see if I can get some input.

    I just recently bought the Gioco in both L'amore & pirata and the BV in L'amore & Pirata. I was getting them at discount, couldn't decide, and so I just bought all the ones I was interested in.

    Just wanted some input on which ones I should keep. I'm new to the Tokidoki line (and have become quite infatuated) and wanted some input on what I should be looking for and which ones I should keep.

    I LOVE the Gioco style but the size of the BV is quite appealing. Anyways, let me know what you think! Thanks =) :smile:
  2. Do you have pictures of these bags? Maybe if we saw the print placement it would be easier to give you some input on which to keep. Personally, I love the Gioco style in Amore...and umm I'm not going to comment on Pirata because I don't like that print lolz.
  3. Here are some pictures. They're not great but the best I could come up with for now

  4. they are all pretty nice. Its hard to choose really. I have the amore in bv and pirata in giocco.
    if you cant decide...i say just keep it all. lol
  5. I absolutely adore the lamore gioco, the pirata gioco, and the BV pirata has excellent placement! I would say not so much on the lamore BV because I don't really like the black mesh with that print.
  6. Aah! I love the placement on the L'amore gioco! I :heart: the teacup.
  7. I voted both giocos..idk, I dont like BVs.
  8. I don't mean to sound like a newbie but I am and like I mentioned, I'm new to Tokidoki but what exactly do people mean by the term "placement"???
  9. The way the characters are placed on the bag. Like some bags will have heads cut off or have the same print on both sides. Every toki bag is different because of the character placement.

    Gosh, I hope that made sense lmfao.
  10. Thanks! Makes a lot more sense to me now! =)
  11. The l'amore gioco, since it doesn't have any human characters on it! I think gioco is more practical...can look smaller and flatter if you don't have too much stuff. Yet can be "inflated" if you have more stuff! The BV looks better in pirata since it matches the mesh. But the style is more boring since it is just a tote bag. I searched all over town and just got my l'amore gioco today! It's good that you got them on sale!! How much did u get the gioco for?
  12. I was too impatient and had to have it the moment I knew it was out (Gioco Amore) I paid Hawaii retail for it..not very bright -- $204 including taxes. I kinda wish I waited for a sale, but then I wouldnt have my perfect placement, so it's OK.

    & pooh, you're welcome :biggrin:
  13. I think the amore looks good as a gioco. The pirata looks better as a BV because it catches the whole scene (versus repeated prints for the gioco).
  14. Just wanted to say thanks for everyone's input...It's really fun and interesting to hear what people have to say! Makes me think a lot more about which bags to choose =)
  15. i think your BVs have more of the picture on them and your L'Amore Gioco seems like it has a lot of characters as well so HTH :smile: