Amore Pics :D

  1. I forgot who asked for Amore Nuvola pictures..., I took them yesterday when I was it is :biggrin: for your viewing pleasure!! Enjoy!!

    TokiJen: It has lattes smacked in the middle -this is soo calling your name out!!! Buy buy buy!!!!:graucho:
    amore.JPG amore1.JPG
  2. these are wonderful@!! corriere and nuvola look great!
  3. soo bubblesung..are you going to buy buy buy?? :graucho:
  4. oooh amore nuvola is sooo pretty! how much does that retail for??
  5. ack!! SOOOO cute!! i really want something in this print!
  6. Its very cute...I just love this print! It really does make me want a smaller bag in the print! I wish simone would make a tshirt with this cute print!
  7. I caved on the Ciao Ciao bag for my weekend running around! Pssst...I'm almost 52 and cannot resist these adorable prints!! LOL
  8. On Guam its $222, in the states its $184+tax (depending on what state)
  9. Good for you! Are you new to Toki? Is this your first one?
  10. YOw! That's outrageous! Better stick to us helping you out vmasterz!:yes:
  11. yeah i know haha...thanks for helping with the Infernos! :biggrin: ooh yeah my nuvola too! :graucho:
  12. NOOOO i'm not going to buy buy buy...i do something better! SAVE the picture n stare...!
  13. LOL @ Stephiee...I wish I could buy some more too..but I'm trying to show some restraint. Need to stop haha.
  14. Wow..Vmasterz you're right it IS calling my name. That Nuovla is adorable. I WANT it!! HELP ME!! I need HELP! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  15. ohhh nooo jen, stay away from it!!! LOL.