amore pacific

  1. anyone use their products? If so, what ones do you like?
  2. I love Amore Pacific. Mostly I LOVE the stabilizing serum. It seriously works miracles on my skin. I also love the cleanser, vitalizing serum/mask, clarifying T-Zone serum, and balancing fluid.

    I have not bought the superduper expensive stuff (like the ampuoles and the time response stuff) but I hear amazing things about that too.
  3. I liked it, but I thought the texture is a bit too watery for Canadian winter.
  4. I can't say enough about this product. There are also some other members on this forum who are HUGE fans. I get many of these products as samples so I am VERY lucky but I have purchased a few. I can say without a doubt that this product has eliminated the dark circles from under my eyes. I no longer need to wear concealer. It is amazing. I get so many compliments since I've been using it - and I'm in my early 40's. I like it b/c of the way it feels and it also just works well with my skin chemistry.

    Where to start:

    Body Creme - this is a new product for them. This is the first winter I don't have dry itchy skin all over. I was at NM yesterday and they only complaint they have about this product is that it doesn't come in 1 gallon buckets. Best body creme ever and I've tried high-end (revive and lamer) and lower-end (locciane and kiehls and drugstore brands).

    Hand Creme - Best hand creme ever. My DH often has to do repairs on industrial equipment and comes home with dry cracked hands. He now has a tube of AP hand creme is his office AND his car.

    Time Response Eye Creme and Face Creme - My skin literally drinks this in. It doesn't burn at all nor does it feel greasy. I am blessed with good skin but this product line just works the best with my chemistry. And no burning from alpha-hydroxies.

    Cleansing Oil - ABSOLUTELY the best face cleanser ever! Who would ever think of putting oil on your face to clean it? I nolonger need eye makeup remover and I wear waterproof mascara. My favorite way to use this product is to squirt a little bit in my hand rub all over your face and then use a warm, wet wash cloth that you heat in the microwave for 45-60 seconds. Your face will feel wonderfully fresh and clean. Almost a mini spa treatment.

    Toner - follow cleansing oil with the toner.

    Hydrating mist - perfect middle of the day pick-me-up for your face. I use it in the summer and it seems to make my face cleaner and less oilier. In the winter it seems to make my face moister and fresher. I have a mini one in my purse with me at all times. My favorite way to use this product is after I apply my makeup. I spray a few squirts on when I am getting to leave the house and it seems to set my make up and make it look like it hasn't just been applied. KWIM?

    Bioenzyme refining complex - this product seems to have a little alpha hydroxy to it but doesn't burn. It takes away all those old dead skin cells that you can just feel on your face. I don't use this product a lot. Probably a few times a week. It doesn't burn but it more of an exfoliating type product.

    Tinted Moisturer I use it in the summer instead of foundation. Has spf.

    Ampoules - amazing product. Seems to plump up your skin a little bit and smooth it out. Be careful of eye area as it does irritate my eyes.

    Vitalizing Overnight Mask - just started using this in the winter. Love the way my skin feels in the am after using it.

    Exfoliating Cleanser - I don't see it listed on the NM website but I love to use this right after I work out. Strips off all the extra grim and oil yet doesn't burn or dry out your skin.
  5. Here's another thread we have had going regarding AP. Several of the users have PMd me to tell me of their positive results also.

    If you get to a store see if you can get a sample of their time response eye and face creme. The little tub lasts almost a month. You will be able to tell in that time if this is the product for you. I am guessing you will LOVE It!!

    Amore Pacific Thread
  6. Wow, Maxter--you said it all. I'm a huge fan also and because I buy regularly, I get lots and lots of samples. I've converted my sister and niece to the brand, so it works for older skin and younger skin, too.

    It's horrendously expensive, but the Time Response Serum is unbelievable. Unlike Maxter, I am not blessed with good skin, yet this product (used after cleansing, and before moisturizing) has eliminated most wrinkles, evened the tone and texture of my skin and makes it look younger and smoother. People have noticed , including my husband! It lasts a long time, so I justify the cost.

    Ask for samples so you can see how you like any of their products before buying anything full size.
  7. This is my ultimate favorite skin care line ever. All of the products are amazing, but my ultimate favorite is the enzyme scrub and Bio-Enzyme Refining Complex.
    Their top of the line products, Time Response, are very expensive ($400-$500 range) but their basic products are more reasonably priced and comparable to other high end skincare lines like La Mer, BUT much better. If you haven't already tried it, I highly recommend it.
    I completely agree with the above posts - this brand is very generous with samples, so next time you are at NM, ask for a sample. And if you are ever in NYC, be sure to visit their spa in Soho, it's divine.
  8. Maxter - do you happen to know if it is ok to use Bio Enzyme on a daily basis? I use it daily, sometimes 2x a day and haven't noticed any negative reactions but your comment has me worried. I always use sun screen when I use it in the daytime.
  9. I'll check for you tonight. My AP consulant gave me a complete skin care guide with recommendations for my skin. I think I have it upstairs. I'll be back later!
  10. Maxter - you just answered my questions in this thread that I posted in another thread about AP. I'm definitely ordering something. Hopefully, they'll give me a few samples to try. I need all the help I can get.
  11. I really loved reading your review...I'm almost that excited that I might try this line's just that I'm so happy with what I have right now...
  12. What was your question?
  13. How is this line as far as sensitive skin/slight rosacea? You all have got me so curious about this line.
  14. ^^^ I was just going to ask the same thing, I have the same skintype as you and dry. I am loving my La Mer, but you know how that goes, I always get bored....