Amore Pacific and Sulwahsoo skincare lines, anyone tried them?

  1. I am so hooked on trying products from amore pacific time and sulwahsoo but have no idea how I can get my hands on any as I am based in Dubai. I will be going to Thailand in ten days time and was wondering if anyone on here has tried the products of either lines and what they think of them and if I can get my hands on them anywhere in Thailand as on the website they only have counters listed in South Korea and Hong Kong? I am currently using Shiseido Future Lx and love it though I feel it is sometimes a little rich for my skin.
  2. I don't know why but I seem to have better luck with skincare from the far east as I loved using kanebo for years and then moved onto Shiseido..
  3. Amore pacific is great! I love their foaming cleanser and cleansing oil.

  4. Have you checked on eBay??

    I have tried both but now use Histosry of Whoo which is outstanding..

    If you want to pm me, I can guide you with suggestions
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    I have been using Sulwhasoo products for the past few weeks and LOVE them. I could see a huge improvement in my skin and my skin was pretty good to begin with. I use their cleanising oil ( one of the only things to take off sunscreen for me),
    foaming face wash, first care serum (a must have) balancing water, balancing fluid,
    gingseng oil and the overnight treatment or ginseng cream. I also bought some of their snowise products too along with eye cream and makeup products. I bought a few things online from their USA site and then ordered samples from eBay which were well worth it. The samples were cheaper to order with the same amount of product but they came in individual or small containers which was a great way to try new things.

    I bought the oil which is really nice and I love the smell. I used to use a few different oils from the drugstore but like this one so much better because it smells so great and hubby is always telling me my hair smells nice. I have a short pixie hair cut and usually just mess it up and let it air dry with a styling cream but now I rub the hair oil on it and mess it up for a tossled look and that is is for me. I don't blow dry my hair.
    I also got their masks and my teenagers and I are happy with the results of them. I think I will switch to the cleansing oil and face wash for my teenagers now because we all use heavy sunscreen on our face and many products will not take it off.

    I also had some samples by the History of Whoo that the eBay sellers added to my products and I haven't tried all of them yet but do feel they are good. Since I have the Sulwhasoo line I am not going to switch to the History of Whoo. I have 3 friends already hooked on Sulwhasso in the past two weeks.
    I have tried many products in the past and loved quite a few of them. Dermalogica was great, Oil of Olay was something I could always get from the drugstore. But now since I am doing the Sulwhasoo products and it is a multi step process I do think my complection looks so much better. I have their makeup too, base, bb cream, foundation and cream makeup. It is very nice and I like the smell of their products. Many products turn me off because of smells I hate. I like their BB cream but feel the Skin 79 BB creams are so much better after I tried them and I rather use this BB cream instead of makeup. I just use the BB cream and a mineral powder on top of it if I feel like it.

    I did get The History of Whoo BB powder balls which are in different pastel colors and you just take a brush and apply it to your skin. I think it is good and I am happy with it.

    All the sample products came from Ebay sellers which lived in South Korea and I received my packages very quickly. The sellers also offered free shipping so I was happy with that.
  6. I've tried both -- but AP worked better for me. To put that into context, im mid-20s with combination skin (and still breaking out occasionally... Sigh), living in an area that has both decently cold winters and hot summers.

    When I tried the Sulwhasoo basic line (cleanser, first care serum, and moisturizer), I liked the way that the products felt on my skin... But unfortunately a week or so into my use of these products, I started getting uncontrollably oily -- as in, didn't need to blot at all, to suddenly needing to blot twice in the morning and then rewash my face at lunch kind of oily. I also got the first truly monstrous cystic zit that I've had since my teenage years (gross, I know, sorry!).

    Of course, I freaked out, stopped using the Sulwhasoo and went back to Bergdorf for a refund... The woman who processed my return said that Sulwahsoo is more targeted toward mid-30s and up women with dry skin -- something that I wish my original SA had mentioned before selling me all this product!

    (to be fair, I do love a few select Sulwhasoo products even now -- the clarifying mask, eye cream, and BB cream have all worked well for me...)

    With AmorePacific, I was lucky enough to go to the AP spa in NYC to get a facial, and had a good talk with the girl afterwards about what products would suit my skin type. She recommended the foaming cleanser and the gel moisturizer, and I also tried the enzyme peel. All a bit pricy, but have worked really well for me Even after several months. Will definitely pick up more when I'm out...

    So I think the moral of my experience is that both lines have good products, but its important to make sure you do research beforehand about which lines/products are likely to be best suited for you, given your age/skintype/climate!!

    Have fun in Thailand and hopefully you track down all the products you want! :smile:
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    ^^Thank you all for the great responses. I am 33 and have normal to dry skin that ends up feeling drier in the summer on account of the air condition. I have a feeling I am more suited towards Sulwahsoo from the BG's SA advice. Have never even heard of history of whoo till now. Would love to try all three lines and see what the hero products are like. Currently I have overall good skin and am using Shiseido future solutions lx, day cream, night cream, eye cream and cleansing foam. Only comment I have to make regarding shiseido range is that it is slightly rich as I have had a few milia forming around my forehead. Does anyone know other than ebay how I can get the full range of Sulwahsoo/history of whoo/amore pacific products?
  8. I was just going to come and share my experience with you - I'm in my mid-30's, and have tried both Sulwhasoo and Amore Pacific, and after some trial and error, have settled on the following which are working out really well for me - it was important for me to have my combo skin (normal-oily in summer and dry/normal in winter) well moisturized but also to have some kind of anti-aging properties in my skin care (I'm scared of Retin-A, lol). I also have sensitive skin which can break out and freak easily, as well as is redness prone when irritated, so I need gentle care.

    Summer: Amore Pacific Time Response Creme Gel (it has a lighter but is still very moiturizing), Sulwhasoo Time Treasure Eye creme (the AP Time Response Eye creme does not agree with my eyes, for some weird reason, but the Sulwhasoo is lovely!). I use the AP Enzyme Peel once a week, and use the AP Cleansing Treatment Oil at night to take off make-up and use with my Clarisonic. I tried the AP Cleansing foam but found it too harsh for me. I sometimes also use the AP clarifying mask.

    Winter (I'm on the US north east coast, so it gets really cold, and too much heating inside is a killer for the skin): same as summer, but I replace the Time Response Gel Creme with the Creme, and also add their Green Tea Seed Treatment Oil (that thing is simply fabulous, and I don't think I can ever live without anymore!) that I mix in with the creme.

    I have tried the AP Time Response serum (as a deluxe sample) which is amazing, but at $500 a pop in addition to the above, I've decided to keep it in mind for later, when I'm older and need it even more, lol...

    I have also been lucky enough to receive a GWP of the AP Time Response Hand creme - not a must, but lovely when received for free :biggrin:

    I also tried from Sulwhasoo: the First Care Serum, and the Revitalizing Serum, but I felt it was a bit too heavy for my skin which broke out - but I loved the earthy smell of the line, very comforting, and I could still tell that they were lovely products. I just couldn't use everything together, and when I had to make a choice, kept the AP which seemed to agree better with my skin. The Sulwhasoo mask is really nice though, and I'm always happy to get samples of that one!

    For some reason, I'm convinced that you will be able to find both AP and Sulwhasoo in Bangkok - try Central ****lom. Good luck, and let us know how you fare :smile:
  9. Anyone know which products might help very mild teenage acne?
  10. Neo007 thank you!!!!!!!! Your msg was priceless!! I am desperate to try the products and I am hoping that I can come across them in Bangkok, as I am hoping to be there for three days!!! I wish there was a way I could know for sure as they make no mention of concessions or counters in Bangkok
  11. I've used sulwahsoo for many years and loved it. But I stopped using it because I found other things that worked better for me. :smile:

    Always had good skin (always get complimented on my skin) so it didn't really make a difference to me....

    I always make sure to use a good sunscreen :smile:
  12. Thoughts on the brand
  13. Expensive but worth it!
  14. I know. Heard a lot of good things about the brand. Thank you!
  15. If it becomes too expensive, you can also try LANEIGE. Its also by amore pacific but it's their lower end line but I love it too!