Amore on Lesportsac website?

  1. I was trying to buy blue bear qee, but it gave me the pirata trenino. So then I tried seeing if I added the magenta kitty qee if it would do the same. It put a "L'amore bracialetto."
    Does this mean amore is going to sold on the website? :confused1:
  2. I fiddled around on their website, and it's acting completely bizarre. Maybe they are revamping for the new stuff?
  3. Yeah....some of the pages won't even show up for me. I'll click on a picture then it will go to a HTTP 404 Not Found.:confused1:

    That means they might be getting ready to put Amore up!!!:yahoo: Isnt' it supposed to come out around this time??:shrugs:
  4. I'd just like to see pictures of the full bags, not the bits and pieces I've seen here and there. This one is going to be all about print placement!
  5. The cust. service lady at LeSportsac told me yesterday to be on the lookout for a new print coming soon to the I'm guessing they are going to sell it.
  6. Terrific! I would love to be able to see how the bags look. And malleficient, you are right. The Amore is going to be all about print placement. I'm going to have to suck it up and pay full HI prices.
  7. Man, I TOLD you guys they just make stuff up!!!! Jeeeeeeeeez. Why don't we work for Lesportsac? We'd be so much more useful!
  8. I just got an email from JapanLA saying THEY HAVE THE BAGS IN STOCK NOW! So if you live in the LA area GO TOMORROW AND GET THEM! (They are NOT sending them out because they only got a limited supply & the email also said they are not being carried in LeSportsac stores...) So I guess they will only be available through their website?? Maybe the stores felt they were being overrun by Tokidoki! lol
  9. I wished I lived in LA. :crybaby:
  10. noooo i'm not back to irvine until this sunday T.T I was going to go sometime this upcoming week :sad: hopefully the macy's will get them this weekend then (personal note.. must search all macy's)
  11. I wish I lived in LA too but probably best that I dont.
  12. OMG! SO IT'S OUT!! I'm going to macy's tomorrow *crosses fingers*
  13. Thanks Vmasterz! Yay, maybe pulse has their first shipment :yahoo: Have you noticed that unique threads finally started posting pictures of the bag that you are actually recieving.
  14. When Pirata and Adios Star came out, Nordstroms had the bags about a week before Macys did.