Amore is here and the Charaters are adorable!!!

  1. i want the sushi couple! :biggrin:
  2. far I think I like how the print looks on the zucca....very tempting
  3. I'm sooo happy that they are finally here. Now comes the hard part of not overspending. I'm loving the Zucca :yes:
  4. humm i'm not as fond of the tan as i thought i'd be i think im going to get a bambinone :smile: or a ciao or maybe another dolce if i find the right placement! I want to see all or most of the print but I don't want a lot of tan :push:
  5. aww the canguro n dolce are kyoot! yay i'm glad i got them! i cant wait for them to arrive!
  6. hey bubblesung did you still want me to look for those characters for you or are you set for amore? ;)
  7. haha i dunno! i'm still thinking about a bambinone and campeggio...i think it'll still be good to have a lookout..=) thanks!
  8. the moumou family is pretty funny, and the sushi is cute, ofcourse bastardino and polpettina are always welcome :heart:

    the buon viaggio is the best so far since it doesn't have alot of tan strips, but the black mesh pockets look kinda weird coz the whole bag is in light colors. :wacko:

    now i'm having a hard time choosing between the paradiso zucca or some sort of amore. :rolleyes:

  9. Maybe the seller has it on hold for 24 hours and if it doesnt sell she doesnt buy them or returns them...?
  10. MY guess is she thinks she can create a bidding frenzy and get the prices up.
  11. Ahhh! these are all sooo cute :yahoo: :nuts: :drool: i love them all (except the black mesh on the BV is:yucky: )