Amore is at Nordstrom!

  1. Amore is finally in! They had it at my local Nordstrom (Valleyfair San Jose) and thanks to the great SA there (I think her name is Krista), she called me to inform me. As of 12noon time, they had Camppegio, lots of accessories - wallets, canguro, 1 Bella, lots of Ciao's, and yes, they had a MAMMA MIA! So the statement of the Mamma Mia being discontinued is false. They received no Stellina's or Zucca's in their shipment. When I was there, someone was putting a Dolce and a Buon Vuggio on hold. So everybody, CHECK YOUR Nordstrom!
  2. oooh i know i'm not gonna buy nething since i already bought my entire supply of amore through pulse..but i still want a ciao!...oh tempting..but i want it on the price of retail...i think i'll check it out on saturday...probably be gone by then T.T
  3. that you? You crazy girl :smile:
  4. YAY they have it at the first 2 malls I called! YAY I'm going to run around now!!
  5. :hysteric: Hmmph! They don't have any fancy stores around here.
  6. tehlilone: lol go wild!!
  7. omg after reading this i grabbed my purse and zoomed straight to the mall. Amore is SOOOOO CUTE!! i REALLY want my zucca!! HURRY UP AND COME IN ALREADY!! and yea i saw an amore mamma mia w/ the PERFECT print placement for me but i'm already buying a zucca so i reluctantly put it down =/ i guess they ARE making the amore in mamma mia?
  8. anyone been to the Nordstrom's at Riverside? That's the closest one to me and I haven't had the chance to call.
  9. I was only able to hit two malls on my way to work... one didn't have any but I finally saw tokidoki for smashbox! At the other I put a mamma mia on hold. I know another location has a ciao so I'm going to try to go there tomorrow :sad: I hate work sometimes... it gives me no time to do anything!

    I forgot to ask about the bambinone! EEEE I should call Macy's during my break :push:
  10. omg! sooooooo going to Nordstrom tomorrow! i had a hunch about goin monday when i was checkin out bloomies & macys but decided against it cuz i didnt want to waste my $3 to pay for parking if they didnt have it. now i know it will be worth it! amore stellina here i come! :smile:
  11. funny thing was i went monday and searched stores but nothing came up... then i saw posts today on lj and i HAD to call and they had them :push: why couldn't it have been yesterday!

    oh yeah the SA tonight said they sold "quite a few" of those bags today and she wasn't sure what they had left... she didn't know any names and couldn't find anything I looked for and told me to call tomorrow in case they get a second shipment :push: I should have put the bags I asked about earlier on hold
  12. apparently my nordstrom is "too good" for lesportsac. they dont sell any :crybaby:
  13. The Nordstroms in Roosevelt Field doesn't sell Tokidoki either; they acted like I was speaking a foreign language and they couldn't understand what I was saying.
  14. I was wondering if Roosevelt's Nordstrom carried Toki. I almost sent my sister there one day looking for stuff :nuts: Figures they wouldn't carry it.
  15. I called that Nordstroms today and they got more shipment today, fyi