Amore IRL

  1. Has anyone found the new Amore print bags yet and/or bought one? :confused1:
  2. I have an Amore dolce on the way. :woohoo:
  3. On the way from where???
  4. It's kind of a secret but if you want to know you can PM me.:smile:

    I actually just got a dolce black cammo today and realized I don't like the dolce at all. I was all excited but it looks stupid on me. So I have an Amore Dolce on the way I already won't like. :crybaby: :sad:
  5. I put a Mamma mia on hold today... I'm still debating the black mesh :crybaby: i nearly forgot about it until my bf pointed it out and then I couldn't see anything but that... what do you think? should I just try for a ciao or a bambinone instead?
  6. I don't really like the black mesh with the tan but you could trim it off. :shrugs:
    Do you have a Ciao already? It's one of my favorite styles but it doesn't hold a whole lot.

    Or maybe a Dolce :graucho:
  7. i COULD have bought alot of amore stuff today, but i refrained because they didnt have good print placements =/ but i did see a SUPER cute Amore Mamma Mia w/ the perfect placement for me...but im already expecting a zucca so i decided against spending the money =/
  8. i want my amore ciao! lol i feel like a kid throwing a tantrum...cuz i have no access to any stores with the amore until this weekend lolz...darn u stockton!!!
  9. I'm afraid I might mess it up if I cut it :sad: but the print seems like it really goes with a mamma mia... the print barely repeats and it shows all the characters on it! It looked awesome other than the black...

    I actually don't have a ciao yet! that's one of the reasons why I kind of want to get an amore ciao. As for dolces... I have 2 already lol... I might go for a bambinone though...

    YAY my friend and I are swapping shifts at work so tomorrow I can run around looking for amore prints :yahoo: I'm calling during my break to ask if they can hold the ciao and see if they have a bambinone amore
  10. I like the black mesh. The print does have black in it (all the outlines) and I think the black mesh sets it off. I wish all the trim was black. I think it would be very sharp looking....
  11. Really, I like the way the gold hardware looks with the tan and then the bright colors on the bag.
  12. i second the gold hardware...i love gold :]
  13. I wonder if anyone has thought to bleach- yes bleach the mesh with a bleach stick or Q-tips? Hafta be realllly careful though..not impossible