amore gioco with cheap BIN!!

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  1. Good deal! Cute placement too!
  2. sweet! keep up with more deals! lolz
  3. lol i'm glad i don't have access to eBay at work or else I'd be in trouble :biggrin:
  4. ^^i just got myself in more trouble by buying that original print stellina in the other great deals thread! but hey, ive been looking for one forever & you cant beat $82 shipped!^^

    ps. looks like my insurance is gonna be covering my wisdom teeth after all! so the trenino & porta are staying too! im crazyyyyyyy! :nuts:
  5. yay tokidokicouture!! Wow sounds like it's a great day for you! You got insurance coverage, get to keep ur purchases from the other day and now you snagged an original print stellina for a great price!! what's next on the list? :biggrin:
  6. im going to (Tokyo) DISNEYLAND! :P [in exactly 1 month from now]
  7. ooh that's pretty. i do like the amore print.
  8. Yeah, you beat my $87.99 shipped that i thought was so great!! :-P
    Congrats on that,though.:biggrin:
  9. I'd be hesitant the seller has a 97.8% rating. Too low for me. :tdown:
  10. It has a nice placement though. Too bad I already got a gioco
  11. Yeah but did you check it out? They have one negative, as a buyer, from 7 years ago, the first item they ever bought they were a non-paying bidder. Possibly did not understand how eBay worked?

    I never just look at the rating I always checkout the feedback.

    Youd' be surprised how much negative feed back is either stuff like this or obviously vindicative buyers/sellers......
  12. Seriously. I've read feedback where the sellers leave a nasty feedback, then put a reply that is like, "Oh all is worked out now." But then the person still has the negative.
  13. yeah, I noticed that too. I agree with you that I wouldn't hold something against someone from 6 1/2 years ago when they were new to ebay. And like you said, vindictive buyers & sellers are responsible for a good share of neg feedback.
  14. If I'm interested in an item I will check into the feedback further but still I usually don't go any lower than 99% feedback especially with Toki since it is an expensive item. I also don't have paypal so I do money order much more riskier. They call it evilbay for a reason.