Amore FINALLY at 34th Street (Herald Square) Macy's

  1. I just happened to pop into the Herald Square Macy's on my lunch hour today and they were just putting the Amore bags out!! FINALLY!!! :yahoo:

    Pickings are kind of slim, with less than five of each style, so head on over there if you are in the area before they are all gone. The larger display is on the 4th floor in the juniors department but there are a few in the actual handbag department on the first floor.

    They have:

    Buon Viaggio
    Dolce- (I bought two- there is one left high on the display shelf on the 4th floor)
    Ciao Ciao

    They did not have any Ciao's (which of course was the other style I wanted), Mamma Mia's, Bocce's, Denaro's or Caramellas.

    The colors looked good on the bags that I saw- nothing appeared to be faded so I think the stock they received was okay. Also, the 20% coupons we all seem to have are good to use on Toki bags. Pirata and Adios Star bags (as well as a few Biancos) are also still on display.

    Happy Shopping!! :heart:
  2. I had to laugh when I read this and then saw the list of styles you posted....

    When I went to Denver a few weeks agao and saw the amores on display I was amazed at "how many" they had... Bambinone, Dolce, Portatelefono, Bella, Stellina, Gioco, BV. the smaller ones that had 2 of each, the larger one were 1 of each!

    You guys in NY just don't realize how good you've got it... even if it did take awhiel to get there!
  3. I guess we are spoiled- even if we did have to wait absolutely forever for Macy's to get them in stock. :graucho:

    What I should have said was that there were more of some of the styles versus others, but the maximum amount I counted for any style was five. Like there were only two zuccas and two ciao ciaos, but five canguros.
  4. YAY! im excited! :yahoo: I read in another thread that someone said they SOLD OUT of them already at that Macy's - I guess maybe it was just misinformation.

    *takes out cell phone* "Daddy.... Could you go over to Macy's and find me a bag??? an Amore stellina with koi and sushi people on the front?? pleassssssse!? :heart: "
  5. They actually have a zucca instore!
  6. Seeing this, it makes me wonder how in the hell we got our shipment close to the release date..and so much stock. Well, only a few Denaros made it here...but still Hmm.
  7. too bad I'm done with amore :lol: I need a pirata and adios... don't know what style yet tho I had a stellina but my foresta stellina outweighs it! what to get what to get
  8. Thank u for the info nyshopaholic!! NY finallyyyy has amore!!
  9. ^^You are most welcome. Just doing my part to help feed the addiction.

    Some woman tried to "steal" one of my dolces. I put it down for a minute to open my (pirata stellina) bag because my cell phone was ringing and she picked it up. I was like, "Excuse me, but that's my bag". She gave me a "look" and dropped it.

    tokidokicouture: Did your dad pick up a stellina for you? There were a few stellinas so I hope one of them had the print placement that you wanted.
  10. lol... that's kind of funny/sad nyshopaholic :biggrin: I always bring my bf shopping so I don't have to put things down... also I keep my phone in the pocket when I shop :smile:
  11. aww man, how come the west coast macy*s didnt get any zuccas?!

    congrats on your score!
  12. At least your macy's gets tokis...our doesn't.
  13. I saw two piratas and 1 fumo zucca this past weekend at Macy's
  14. i didnt get a chance to talk to him yet, i got his voicemail and thought hed get freaked out if i left some crazy message about bags with fish and cactus people and sushi couple and a grim reaper and his girlfriend :p
  15. Thanks! :smile: If it makes you feel any better, I have never seen a mamma mia in any NYC department store, Macy's included, or at the LeSportsac stores. I had to order my pirata mamma mia directly from LeSportsac.