Amore BV on ebay


    found this saw it ends soon, no bids, looks real and it's listed at 35 below retail.

    I know a few of you are looking for amore in various styles. I'd get it but after a Luna and BV in pirata this weekend I need to be kind to my checking...

    i will say one thing that is good about tokidoki, it's causing me to list a ton of my old purses and clothes with tag so I can justify my habit ;)
  2. That's what I need to do, I have tons of purses I can do without, AND!!! I can always use more Tokidoki money!... give my bank account a rest!
  3. I need to start selling on eBay...tooo bad I don't have a camera :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. i went through a really bad hipster phase in college and bought tons of clutches and cute little nonfunctional bags that I haven't used in over a year..and they're just all sitting there sad...and jealous of tokidoki so I might as well find them a new home.
    i usually take at least a bag or two to goodwill each year but I may try to salvage some more "trendy" pieces for eBay. I've had luck in the past I made 3-4k two summers ago off of HS clothing...which is scary, hehe.

    I have tons of costume jewelry too I may let go of and some shoes. I have tons of Jeffrey Campbell heels that I just don't wear anymore because I walk and stand too much!
  5. Forgive me but what is HS clothing? :confused1:

    I'm so super broke and all of a sudden I find myself addicted to Tarina Tarantino jewelry which isn't cheap and I've spent like $350 on it in the past week thanks to Robotkitten! :nuts: But I'm so addicted that all I wanna do is buy her stuff and I'm thinking I should look around and sell stuff I don't use but I'm so afraid of the evil eBay and dealing w/the buyers :boxing: You really made that much $$$??
  6. sorry hs - high school.

    yea I raided my parents attic and sold clothes and shoes and comic books the comics brought in about a grand, and the clothes brought in about 2400-2600 roughly.

    I used ebay one year to pay for college selling car parts my dad had!

    It's all about wording and good pictures. If you give people information they feel more confident least that is what I've learned. A good friend of mine back home makes about 1000 dollars roughly a month using Ebay.
    She goes to good will and other thrift stores get things really cheap and sells them that way.

    It is possible, the biggest pain setting the time aside to do it.
  7. I need to, but I'm sooooooooo lazy.

    Hey, I just bought a new camera today. I'd love to give you my crappy old one! :p
  8. Wow...that's good to know. Man in the past I've given away clothes that were NWT...if I'd have just sold half of the stuff I'd given away for like $5 I'd be loaded right now. I need to be more smart about stuff like that. I'm sure I could go thru this apt and sell about $3000 worth of stuff ... we're such insane shopaholics :shrugs: I should do it...I really really should. I'm thinking I will eventually sell some of my toki bags that I'm not super in :heart: with like my innferno& paradiso giocos and they're signed so maybe I can get some extra $$ for that :shrugs: . We'll see...I'll probably never sell a thing! :roflmfao:
  9. yea laziness is the worst.

    but tomorrow after work I'm coming home and raiding each nook of this house and finding everything I can sell because I am probably moving to chicago in 4 months I need to move less and have more $$$ to move!

    i probably could sell some comics but I have such a love/hate with!
  10. Selling on eBay is not so bad. You just have to make sure you have all your bases covered ...returns policy, when payment is due, payment form, etc. I've found limiting payment method to Paypal only has saved me a lot of "checks in the mail" excuses I used to have. The "deadbeat" bidders can be frustrating to deal with, but it's amazing the stuff people will buy.
  11. yea I only do paypal and expect payment within 72 hrs or negative feedback, it makes it easier on the seller.
  12. Or wait until Tokidoki becomes even more popular and get more $$$ for it later when you sell it years from now when it gets super rare :graucho: