Amore bocces?

  1. Does anyone know where I can get an amore bocce? I saw one on eBay, but I don't like the print placement. If anyone sees any in any of the stores with ciaociao and adios, can you guys let me know which store it is in? Thanks a buuuunnnccchhh!
  2. i'll keep a look out on my travels down south next week!
  3. There have been a bunch on eBay so if you don't like the one that is out there now, keep checking. And it is one bag that is NOT going for sky high jacked up prices.
  4. Yeah. I figure something will pop up.
  5. Macy's Del Amo (Torrance,CA) has a bunch. That mall has 2 Macy's though...They only have the Bocce's at the original Macy's. The other Macy's was the old Rob-May store that they converted...they only had a small selection of Amore....good luck! :yahoo:
  6. oh wait! ok i just read this post n you're in LUCK friend went to pick up a bag for me at Macy's South Coast Plaza..and she was sending me pix of random bags she thought was kyoot..She showed me a bocce with Ciaociao + Adios EXACTLY centered!!! Call them! Get it!!! If u use your macy's card till this sunday u get 20% off! 714-556-0611
  7. awww it's a lil mini bag. i need a mini bag....

    alter-ego -- nooo jessaka, not now!!
  8. Oh man! I'm going to call tomorrow! I have to have a bocce!
  9. Thats really cute! I hope you get it Whiskers!
  10. Macy's at Valley Fair has a bunch of Bocces although I don't remember if one has Adios and Ciao Ciao.
  11. Yeah. I'll call South Coast tomorrow and see if it is still there *fingers crossed*. I've wanted one from the beginning, but no one seemed to carry it or had the print placement I wanted. I hope no one got it :s
  12. Whiskers did you get it....did you get it?? :sweatdrop:

  13. No. I called and they said they don't have bocces anymore!:crybaby: It was going to be the highlight of my day. . .
  14. aww, i'm sorry you didn't get it :sad:
  15. omg it sold that fast? friend probably showed me that picture around 5pm of last nite..i'm sorry you didn't get it =(