amore bella, yay or nei ?

  1. i'm talking to pulse right now about an amore bella, seems to be a nice placement, the dogs are on the front under the zipper :heart:

    anybody here has one to take a picture and show me?
    even of a different print bella.

    i'm thinking it might be too small, and i'm not sure how all the tan looks.

    but it sounds so pretty. :sweatdrop:
  2. LatteGrl posted a picture of hers, did she not? I thiiiink that was in the "I got my Amore today" thread, cause I just skipped to the end of it and I think that's where I saw it.
  3. ILOVETOKIDOKI posted her bella there too.
  5. Here's the front of ILOVETOKIDOKI's

  6. I think it's adorable!! :love:
  7. thanks! i searched the entire thread and it was on the last page :shame:

    it is cute, the pink latte charm is a great addition. is it the one from the necklace ? :shrugs:

    i'm so tempted to get it, but no sandy and sabochan, oh well. are they that important? :push:
  8. Yeah, she took the necklace and put it on her bag. I did the same ... my latte is on my black bella bella. Well can you live w/a bag w/out Sandy & her lover or not? If not, keep searching....what does Pulse have 1 bella left? :shrugs:
  9. no but i guess that's the only one with cactus dogs infront, that's the most important thing to me.
    sandy and sabochan's head are infront too, just found out, so that's cool.
    just wish the dogs were in the middle and not under the bottom zipper, but i guess that's just knit picking. :push:

    so the bag is awesome, as usual the problem is shipping, 35$, why must i live so far!

    is it crazy to pay that much just for shipping? :shrugs:

    the necklace idea is awesome, now i'm thinking about getting an extra bracelet just to put charms on my bags. :push:
  10. Holy Cow!! $35 for shipping. Can you ship it to NY and have ur sister pick it up for you? :shrugs:
  11. thought about it, but she's already bringing alot of stuff for me, so i donno, i feel bad making her carry all that stuff.
    already sending my new zucca there :nuts:
  12. So then how much $$$ would it be w/shipping $165? If so, that's really not too terribly bad IMO. It kinda depends on how bad you want it. If you can't live w/out it, I'd get it. Can you get one on the evil eBay for cheaper shipping? :shrugs:
  13. To me the bella is my favorite style so far. I have 3 bellas, paradiso, citta rosa & citta. If you still want, I can take pics of those to show you how big it is. I think it fits me best of all prints. $35 for shipping eh? well, it's not that bad since you live all the way in Israel. At least they ship out of US eh? I would go for it if I were you, but that's just me lol.
  14. i didn't see any amore bellas over there, just one, and right now all the amores sell over retail, the zuccas are like 220$ :wtf: and the BV's 190$!
    and shipping is usualy about the same over there, except for a few the ship for 15-20$, but then the placement is really bad or the price is too high.

    i've been stalking the amore for days with no luck :crybaby:these things get me so frustrated.

    you are too lucky to be able to buy something and then just return it if you find something better, once i buy this i'm 'stuck', unless i sell it on eBay.
    coz shipping back to the store will be stupid. :shrugs: another 30$ for nothing.
  15. jessaka, don't you find them kinda small?
    i can't really decide whether i'll be able to stuff all my junk in it.

    do you have any use for the lower zipper? it seems to be a really shallow pocket, can you put anything in there other than let's say... a pen? :rolleyes:

    and yeah i'm pretty thankful they even ship over here, most stores don't bother themselves with international shipping.

    if you have a picture of the bella on you please show me. :amuse: