Amore bag came...very unhappy. ;~;

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  1. [​IMG]

    ARRRRRG My first ever tokidoki bag and I could not be more upset with the placement!! I'm thinking of returning it and getting another one, but my boyfriend got me this for our anniversary, and he doesn't understand placement, so I think he might get upset if I did...

    I dunno...honestly, what do you guys think of it?
  2. I think it's cute!!! Personally, i actually like the placement a lot :smile: it shows all the characters i like!
  3. aww I think your bag is cuuute! I like Bastardino and Polpettina and they appear twice on the front so I like that a lot. Plus you have the koi and I thinkkk I see lovebird wings behind the toki cards? I like all those characters too.

    What characters do u like best and what placement would you have preferred? I guess if you really don't like it, all bags probably look the same to all guys and he wouldn't know the diff. b/t the bag he got u and another? :shrugs: But I like your bag :tup:
  4. i honestly think with this print it would be hard for me to not like it any way the print was put on,keep it!! :tup:
  5. I would have preferred more Ciao Ciao and Adios, and the coffee. ;~; I love the coffee, and there's only one, and the other is partially cut off. But my boyfriend thinks I'm mental. XD And it's more the fact that I don't want to offend him, and it's an anniversary gift...

    I dunno. :/ If people here think it's a good print...
  6. It actually only matters what YOU think of it..because if you're not happy with it...then you will be thinking about it all the time.

    But, if it were me...i'd be happy with ANYTHING my bf gave me, so idk...either I'm not THAT picky or something...idk...I guess I'm just that grateful when anyone thinks of me.

    In my opinion, I see nothing wrong with that bag. The bag is so HUGE that you see everything anyway. The print is so repetitive actually...
  7. aww yeah ... it makes things a little tricky since it's an anniversary gift. I'd feel a lil weird about exchanging it too. If my bf had gotten me anything I'd be happy .. but he never did .. cheap-ass ... lmao

    Umm how about keep the bag and get another one .. diff. style with the placement u like? I'm sure there will be sales and stuff soon at Macy's and there will be coupons so you could save $$.
  8. well for ME personally i LOVE it since it has the koi fish centered on one side n the other side shows the koi + birds + sea dragons + ciaociao n adios...where did u get it at? just exchange it! he'll never even know

    but yah...i had a similiar bf bought me a tokidoki pirata bag for our 5 year anniversary...i wanted the pirata dolce with the purple haired girl inside the heart..he got confused n thought it was the black haired girl n bought a bella cuz he thought it looked nicer instead..x.x i ended up selling it lolz he was sad cuz he tried really hard to get good placement too! i felt so bad but i don't like that girl OR the bella at all! x.x
  9. It's not that I'm not grateful, not at all! But I guess it'll grow on me. Thing is, it's my first tokidoki bag after wanting one for a looooong while, so I was really hoping for my perfect placement. Besides, if no one sees a problem with it, maybe it's just me. :shrugs: I do really like the fact that it has Sandy and her boyfriend, since her boyfriend reminds me of mine. XD

    He bought it at Macy's online and shipped it right to me. :/ Thing is, I couldn't hide something from him...and he tried really hard to get me the perfect bag too. ;~; Well--wait, those are seadragons? O_o? Never knew that...Baaaah, I still don't know....;~;
  10. my amore bv was fro my bf too! i wanted to exchange it for a gioco but i felt really bad too for even THINKING about doing that since it was a gift from him...

    i kept it and i use it now. i didn't use it for a month because i kept thinking about returning it but i use it every day now since i've given myself time and i've grown to love my bag!

    at least the bag is big enough you get all the characters no matter what! and at least a different print placement wouldn't change the overall look of the bag since it's more of a pattern than a scene! i didn't get my *ideal* print placement either but i still love my bag!

    if you're REALLY disastisifed, i guess you should exchange it because if you don't like it you'll use it less!
  11. I love it! And if your bf was sweet enough to get it for you, I'd have a hard time telling him I wanted to return it. The amore print is pretty repetitive so I am surprised something as large as BV didn't work for you. Good luck with whatever you decide.

    And the sea dragons are sooo cute! They are my favorites!!!
  12. If you do exchange it for another amore bv he probably wouldnt' notice... lol... But I really think yours is cute.
  13. Well none of the characters are missing. One side of the BV is big enough to pick up everyone in the Amore print. -- So just give it a few days to see if it grows on ya'.
  14. Just a question, why does it look backwards?

    But if you're not happy with it, you won't use it, then there will really be problems.... I did that to my (now) husband (he bought me a bracelet that I don't like and WON'T wear), and he never stopped asking me about it...
  15. I think if ur dissatisfied with the placement u currently have, u should look at some other BVs that u can buy and exchange it with the one u currently have. And for Tokidoki bags, all that matter is the placement u like on the bag. Other people said that the bag looks good but its not for u, u r just not feeling it...if u know what i mean.

    Dont return it first until u get a better one? I think ur bf may not know even if u exchange the one he gave u.

    Well if u feel really bad about thing that should make u better is he bought the bag from He didnt personally handpicked the bag for u. Maybe he did choose the print and the style. But if u dont like it, u may end up not using it and waste his $$$, just like what starryxangel said.

    My bf handpicked an amore zucca for me (i told him the placement i want). He helped me to look for it for 3 weeks (since he's working, he can only go on weekends). Finally he found 1. Its ok for me but not that perfect...but i dont have the heart to tell him and return/exchange it since he know the placement.
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