Amore at Valley Fair Macys

  1. I was trying to hunt down a pirata campeggio or stellina and tried the Macys at Valley Fair (per bubblesung's suggestion of having tokis) and they didn't have any adios or pirata. She said ALL THEY HAVE IS THE NEW ONE WITH THE HEARTS! So, don't know if you're interested, but they're 20% off w/macy's c.c. and if you wanted one and couldn't get it from them.
    And, if anyone can get me a good deal on a pirata campeggio or stellina, please give me a heads up of where to call!
  2. Weird they didn't have it yesterday xD; Bad timing. Oh well, I have all the Amore stuff I want...silly me wants to check it out...just because!
  3. Don't go! Call first! I may have screwed up as to which one I talked to! Sorry about that!!!! I called like 3 or 4 different stores.....and I thought it was this one....but maybe not!!!!
  4. Annis B,
    I just called Macy's BF but the SA said they have not received the new AMORE yet ??? I dunno.. maybe I should go check it out tonite just to make sure, BUt the SA seemed to know what she spoke about.
  5. Annie B, did you call Macy's Hillsdale in San Mateo, CA or Stanford, CA?
  6. I might not anyways, I mean...I don't want any more xD;;
  7. No, do they have pirata in a campeggio or stellina?
  8. I dont think so.. I went there last week, nothing in stellina style, You might want to try calling Hillsdale, San Mateo, CA , they had 2 adios star stellina the last time I was there. And can you ask if they have the amore yet in their store? TIA
  9. nope your right annie, i ordered an amore stellina from macys valley fair this morning! woot with a 20% discount :biggrin:
  10. annie - the Macy's at Stoneridge had ONE pirata campeggio last night... give them a call and see if they still have it.
  11. Anners316,
    Are you sure mAcy's VF has Amore on displayed already or are you pre-ordering it ?? I am soo confused.
  12. hey julicrystal i got your pm ;) i think they actually had them there.. but idk
  13. found this on toki livejournal:

    southland macy's has amore! and there's a 20% at macy's til sunday, so it makes tokidoki a little less expensive. =]
    they had:
    2 giocos
    2 bambinones
    4 buon viaggios
    1 stellina
    2 campeggios

    no sight of mamma mias or zuccas. but i know a few people wanted a gioco.. so if you live near southland, you should check them out. anyways, i hope this helps some of you out.
  14. *correction-
    i got a amore stellina from fashion valley macy's not valley fair sorry about any confusion! :shame:
  15. I'm sorry I started the confusion!