Amore and Foresta Sighting @ Nordstroms Union Square

  1. So, yesterday I went a "tokidoki hunt" in hopes of finding a bag for myself. I went to the Macy*s at Union Square and the big Nordstroms on Market Street. None of them had any giocco's left (which i was looking for). But macy*s has the 20% off bags coupon that would have worked for the amore print. At Nordstroms I saw a Foresta Ciao that the SA said she just saw during break in the bag and pulled it out from the back. The bag is too small for my liking... and I don't like over the body type strap. The back had the main part of the tree with the baby monkey, and those cute lil' guys peeking out from the tree (s... something?? I'm sorry I don't know the character names) with the front showing sandy on it. The SA was very helpful and even located a few gioco in SoCal for me and said she could have it shipped up with no charge to me. I decided against it, and came back and ordered bags from macy* with 20% off and free shipping.. *cross fingers* that I'll get a good placement on one of them. Macy*s and Nordstroms didn't have much of a selection left and they won't be getting another shipment. However, since I was in SF I saw a lot more people with tokidokis than I normally do around where I live!!!!

    However, I did get myself on the list of people to call when new prints come in!!!! She said that Nordstroms in SF will be getting the Spiaggia print and expect it to be in about 2 weeks. She said that got the amore print first week of April... Sooo, if the spiaggia comes in I'm going to drive right down there!!!!! *hits myself for waiting so long before going to Nordstroms and macy*s to get an amore bag*. I'll let you ladies know once I get a call!
  2. Ooh I'd like to see that foresta ciao... too bad I'm too busy to go downtown :sad: I assume it's at full price too?
  3. the Nordstroms over here are still at full price (so cal) I gave my name to the SA at Brea to call me when they go on sale... no such luck yet though :sad:
  4. So after reading this post, I called up SF Nord and put the bag on hold for me. It has most monkeys on the print which I love but I will have to pay shipping of $9 for it to be shipped to me. I am 45 min drive away from it. The other thing is, it is still at its retail price of $120. So with tax and shipping , I could end up paying $139 for a Ciao. I have a ciao pirata & I love the look of it but i dont think it hold enough. So you think I should get the bag?
  5. oh yes.. another thing that is holding me back is that.. Tehlilone just scored a perfect Foresta Stellina at 70% off !!! But i really want a smaller matching bag to go with my Foresta Campeggio. I wore my Pirata Ciao with the Foresta Campeggio to hold my sons stuff and It looked good but would have looked better if I have a Foresta Ciao...decision ..decision..
  6. Tehlilone.. what do the Nord at So cal have in Foresta?
  7. the one in Brea, CA had a couple but I don't know about now since people have reported a while back on those stores in a thread somewhere :lol: I haven't been there since the beginning of march though... and they didn't have them on sale :sad: I have a $20 note thingimahbob so I might actually buy something soon now that I think of it... that is if they still have some... I remember seeing a gioco and a few other bags but I don't remember exactly :sweatdrop:
  8. 2 weeks? for the spiaggia, that's fast!
  9. oh yes score that foresta ciao! I have one and I:love: it! :graucho: ...the foresta lover is back! :lol:

    I think the one youre getting has a way better print that mine..i have the girl sasquatch but shes cut off in the bottom :p I have a lot bad apples and a cut off sandy :lol: ...with fantismo..the white monkey on the snake..on the other side koi fishes , sharky, bluebird and more bad apples lol
  10. Julicrystal, just go ahead and get it, it sounds like its really perfect!
  11. I agree! get it!!!
  12. sounds like it is perfect, but I want if it has the two monkeys holding hands. The SA told me there is a monkey holding his friends's TAIL not this must mean that she is cute off :O( soo saddd..
    Anyway, hubby has offered to drive me to SF to take a look. but I think it is cheaper for the bag to be send here $9 shipping. Thanks for your support guys! I really appreciate it.
  13. So did you order it Juli :graucho: ??? I think you should. If you don't like it you can return it to your store! :idea:
  14. April - Where did you get a 20% off Macy's coupon? :shrugs: Macy's must HATE me. I used to get coupons all the time in NY and I never used them. Now that im in CA and addicted to Toki I NEVER get the coupons :crybaby:
  15. Jen, I already put it on hold. I will make my decision soon.. cause NOrd will hold it for me till Sunday. I was thinking to go to SF (hubby has offered to drive me ..again...:blush: :love: ) But me being a good wife said: Will think about it first. I will probably go in person and look at it myself . Although, with parking and gas , it will be more exp than the shipping cost of $9. But, I love to go shopping too and maybe can go toki hunting at the same time:yes: