Amore Amore Amore! <3

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  1. I just woke up (yeah, lazy) and not 10 minutes later the doorbell rang.
    Somehow I had a hunch this was the Express Mail dude, and indeed it was!

    What a great morning. :nuts:
    I just opened the box, and I'm :heart::heart::heart:ing the bag!!!
    The BV is not too big at all, it's just big enough, and the amore print, oh my god it's so beautiful- even my mom eyed it and was like "Hey, maybe I'll borrow it here and there :graucho:".

    I agree with all the girls that said they didn't like the shiny gold, I would have liked it better if it was silver, but the bag is so beautiful I just don't care.

    I know amore isn't that exciting for you girls since you're already knee deep in the spiaggia, but I had to share my excitement and no one else will understand why I'm so excited over a bag. :push:

    Ofcourse pictures soon, gotta wake up. :sleepy:
  2. congrats!
  3. congrats!!
  4. Hooray! Congrats on your Amore.
  5. Im excited for you I dont have a Amore yet LOL hopefully soon :smile: Enjoy your bag!

  6. yay snoopa! congrats :yahoo:
  7. Thanks dudes. :wlae:

    Ok, pictures.
    I forgot to change one of the settings in the camera back after playing with it, so the colors are a little off. :shame:

    Back and front:


    Next to the Zucca:



    Full picture:


    I got the dogs like 3½ times. :graucho:
  8. Yay!!:yahoo: Your Amore is lovely! It's still my favorite print (although Paradiso runs a very close second). Congrats!:dothewave:
  9. Nice Amore BV. :graucho:

    I have that same pin that is on your paradiso zucca ! Plus I have an ice cream cone one. ;)

    I got mine at Hot Topic. Is that where you got yours ?
  10. OH I've gotta have some of those pins!!!!! i love that ice cream cone couple! Geez...I'm having some kind of hormonal cute attack! I'm going to have donuts and pins all over myself! hahahahahaha!

    Snoopa...I love you paradiso zucca! And your amore is beautiful! I love that print too!
  11. I :heart: your BV Snoopa! I know you worked hard to get your Tokis.

    Thanks for posting a pic of the BV and zucca side by side. I realized the zucca is really huge!
  12. Angelic- Thanks. :smile:
    Blackwidow- Thanks! I was afraid the BV is gonna be HUGE, but it's not that much bigger than the Zucca.

    annie- I'm having the same attack, it's been a few months now and it's not getting any better. :graucho:
    I want some donuts as well, I love cute food like donuts and cupcakes with faces.

    ILoveTOkidoki- YES! Hottopic! I love their loungfly stuff, I'm really craving the cupcake hair pins, it's so cute, but I only found the on eBay and shipping was too much.

    If you check the picture where you see the monkeys on the wall- I have another loungefly pin from hottopic hanging there.
    I bought it and I was so surprised to see how huge it is, I have no where to put it. :push:
  13. Congrats snoopa!! I have three BV's and love them!! They're big but not HUGE and are perfect for me toting around eeeeeeeeeverything.
  14. Congrats :yahoo: Snoopa on the Amore BV. I am happy for you !
  15. Thanks julicrystal and maya. =]

    maya- Was it you who said you cut out cardboard in the shape of the bottom of the BV so it won't lose its' shape?
    I'm thinking about doing that.

    Btw annie, I just found this:


    It's a donut AND a pin. :lol: