Amnio results back today

  1. And they're good! All 46 chromosomes look good, and AFP levels are within the normal range. It's a little boy (which they figured at the ultrasound, but now it's confirmed for sure.) I am so relieved, since as I've mentioned in another post, I have an autoimmune disease that has some potential complications to still worry about, so it's just a great feeling to cross one set of risks off the list!! I am so glad I get to go into the weekend relaxed after waiting a week and a half for the results.
  2. Congratulations!!!! I am so happy for you - one less thing to think about:smile: Now you can NOT think about that and get some real R&R in:jammin: Or start thinking up some baby boy names:yes:
  3. Exactly! I've been being superstitious up till now and not thinking about names, looking at baby gear, or talking about it much. Now I feel like I can dive in and start looking at all things baby!
  4. I'm so glad the results are good!
  5. Congrats! Now you can enjoy the rest of your pregnancy with ease! :biggrin:
  6. Congratulations, very glad that everything turned out alright :heart:
  7. Oh good! I am so glad all is you can relax and enjoy!:love:
  8. That's great news - congratulations! :yahoo: Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy! :flowers:
  9. Great fabulous news-congratulations!!!!
  10. Thanks all! DH and I actually did start looking at names last night. It was quite a bit of fun watching each other's reactions at some of them. We had to keep apologizing to the baby about some of the sillier suggestions and assuring him it was just a joke.
  11. Nothing like great news huh! May you have a wonderful time with your new baby... Congrats!!
  12. So glad to hear that everything is ok! Now sit back and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!
  13. Oh good! Congratulations!
  14. Oh how nice, now you get to do those silly things and have fun.
    Much more relaxing for all of you.