amnA's Starter Collection

  1. Hello girlies..
    following is my collection.. it is very random as i dont restrict myself to certain brands or deisgners etc.

    Always inclined towards shoes,i never was into handbags, for the last two years i have been buying handbags like crazy lol hope u guyz enjoy!!:yahoo:

    - interesting additions on their way soon!! :nuts:
  2. Love the shoes!!
  3. great shoes and bags!
  4. love your shoes collection! congrats...
  5. I love it all!
  6. your clutch collection is great!
  7. Very nice collection!! Thanks for sharing!
  8. I couldn't see your collection:sad: the site is blocked
  9. Your Gucci shoes are hot!
  10. Great Bags!!! but what a great shoe collection. I tried on my 1st pair of choo's in Jan. I haven't taken the plunge yet but was amazed that they are so attractive and comfortable.
  11. you have some beautiful shoes!

    i'm not sure if you know or not but you have a fake LV wallet... i hope you didn't pay full price for it!
  12. I love your shoes.